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Perfect Timing!

“UPS!” he shouted from around the side door, and gave a careless wave when he caught my eye.


It made it on time.

I am not a details person, so when I ordered the book, I was so darn relieved for it to be completed I just hit order and closed my computer and ran outside as fast as I could.  But, later I realized it wouldn’t arrive until after our departure date (which is Monday, btw WHAT!? 🙂


I sent out some email to some random contact address from shutterfly informing them I needed it by the 11th, STAT!   They emailed back and said they would change it to 2 day shipping for FREE!  SHUTTERFLY!!!!!!  <3

The family book we’ll leave with her when we have to come home and wait for court.

Her family photo book filled with photos of mama, papa, brother, our house, our yard, grandmas and grandpas and nieces and friends and pictures of the beach and filled with truth.  That we each love her a lot.  And that we are counting down the days until she’s home with her family.

Cause I’ll tell ya what.  An institution is no place for a child.  It’s a holding place.


The rest of this post is for my dear husband.

Sir, who do you think you are?

Seriously, just stop?  Why are you washing my car right now?  Why did you take my car in to get the brakes fixed, when you know I would never for all eternity.  Why did you organize every bit of adoption paper work, then took us to get it notarized for free from AAA again–all with a HUGE smile on your face and spring in your step.

I know it’s more than just the fact that you quit coffee and are feeling all sorts of bright eyed and bushy tailed now.  You are jusssssssstttt……..um, awesome.

My husband who spends his weekends helping friends moved.  Who lends his truck to anyone who needs, to cause our friends to wonder if we got new cars all the time, “Is that your blue bug?”   “No, Andrew’s just loaning out his truck.”

You are the guy dealing with my insane nesting this week.  “HONEEEEYYYYYY!!!!  We seriously need to paint one wall in Finley’s room white NOW so I can put stripes on it, and install the bath toy organizer, and clean out the ENTIRE garage before we go.

And plant new grass.

And buy a mango tree???  RIGHT!?”

“Honey, I’m not sure if we really need that all to be done before our very first trip, K?”

So we compromised and the bath toys scoop was installed, and the garage was cleaned out.  And I planted a LITTLE grass seed.  I’m just going with it, right?

Honey, you’re awesome.  I can’t WAIT to to to R***** with you, and meet our little sweetie.  Do you think she’ll like LMAFO too?  I suppose she’ll have to.


Did you know our hotel is on the Sea of Japan and beautiful green stones wash up on the shore each day?  Neat, huh?  Bet you wish you could come too.

Here’s our donations suitcase for far.  HALF FULL!  Thank you amazing friends in our lives who love kids they’ve never even met yet!

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  • Chelsea June 8, 2012, 4:44 pm

    YAY! I am unbelievably excited for you right now. You’re so close! Does Maya’s region require two trips or three?

  • Megan Marie June 9, 2012, 5:00 pm

    ok…. your lil guy is so cute. his face is perfect!

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