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6 cool things

1.  Our favorite blanky company Comfort Silkie just told us they are donating a comfort blanket for both Maria and Elijah to bring with us . . . . AND one for EVERY baby in the orphanage! Oh my goodness, how amazing is that? These blankies promote comfort and healing, perfect for these forgotten little ones in cribs!

(And they are the ONLY reason Finley learned how to sleep in his crib through the night, they simulate the silkiness of amnionic fluid)

HURRRRRRAY!!!!!!!!  What a gift!

They are a small, family run business and this is a big, generous gift!  I was thinking we should all ‘like’ them on facebook to show them support for showing support for the kids, I just really would love for them to know how awesome their gift truly is. 

  http://www.facebook.com/ComfortSilkieFB <---like 'em!  Let's overwhelm them with gratitude, and set a precedent for supporting good, ethical companies with heart!

Tiny Finley, asleep in his crib with TWO Comfort Silkies

2.  This weekend at a garage sale, I found a cartoon DVD of “How to brush and floss your teeth,” and the lady gave it to me FOR FREE for the orphanage!  That’s just what I was looking for!!  I can’t get over how excited I am to bring this to this kids.

3. We ate “dirt cups”

4.  Us 6 decided day of to go to our 10 year high school reunion (It was the reunion for us girls, these are just our cute husbands.  In fact, we’ve been friends since kindergarten!)

5. We love “HIPPOS!”

6. We planted a pluot and a plum tree  #moremouthstofeed!!

Trying to live life as normally as possible with two of our children so very far away.
Keeping our eyes lifted to heaven.
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  • Hannah June 26, 2012, 8:41 am

    I cant even imagine how desperate you are to get back to your two cookies,
    Sending happy thoughts, oxox

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