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5 days

We had the best day today!  Well, I suppose even starting from last night it’s been amazing.  We leave to go on our trip, literally around the world in 5 days.  Our plan is to take 2 suitcases; Andrew and I will share one case, and the other we’d like to fill all with orphanage donations.  Last night we went to Target, and we were worried because money is just so tight right now, but we were blessed to find a whole rack of little girl cloths on super sale for $2.10 each.  We also picked up a few bottles of diaper cream, baby wash, wipes and a few other donations.  Then, when we got home, our good friend Sharon drove over to our house at 9pm with two big bags of donations!  One filled with baby girl clothes, the other with misc. fun things in it for all the kids.  I know our hearts are going to break for those kids we leave behind, so I am glad we now have somethings to bless them with.  Some other amazing friends have started collecting and donating things as well, how amazing would it be to bring a huge ol’ suitcase full of stuff?  Heck, I’ll just pack one outfit for myself to make room if I get to!  It’s not too different than normal for me! 😉

Anyways, my heart has just been so at peace this week.  God’s presence has been so close, and at a time that could be so stressful and hectic, it’s been the opposite.  We have just been feeling joy and love, and having so much fun in this week prior to our journey.  I think knowing we will be gone for a week away from our son and friends and family has made each and every second so real, so true, so captured.  I tell ya, this darn adoption process has brought more joy to our lives than I can even put into words.  I see now, before even yet going the many purposes of the call, and our joy is only yet to be complete.

This morning Finley and I headed to Quail Gardens because it’s their free day which is just once a month.  Oh free?  That fits perfectly into our adoption budget.  We had such a fun time in a world famous, gorgeous garden with sweet friends.

I guess no one ever told them the story of Hansel and Gretel…maybe their banking on Daniel in the lion’s den?
After a long, fun morning at the gardens, Finley fell asleep in the cars in a sweaty, dirty cheeked mess, while I was driving home at the same time that Papa got off a job…hmmmmm
“I’ll drop him at my parents house (5 mins away) in their pack n play…then we can go run errands, or even go out to get a burrito?”
“I’ll pick you up at your parents!” he responded with a smile in his voice.  We were so beyond excited for this slice of middle of the day fun without having to drag a poor toddler with you, worried about his eating, or drinking, or..
Finley transferred perfectly into the pack n play and my dad said he’d call me when he woke up, which I knew wouldn’t be anytime soon when I saw his major sleepy time double chin pop out in his carseat.
So we headed to a little Caribbean burrito ship called Mozy, which just so happened to cater our wedding!  How romantic, I know, how romantic.
What a stud

 Afterwards, we drove around, just the two of us holding hands, lazily doing our travel errands without worrying about our boy.  When we got back to my parents house 3 hours later…he was still fast asleep!  My mom came home from work and we had a little BBQ!  How fun is that!

 It was such a random coincidence how it all happened, but it was so good for my heart because I’ll tell you what; Finley barely had time for me the whole time we were their because his two best things were there: balls and dogs, and those two things go hand in hand at grandma and grandpas.  It made me know even more how just fine he will be without us for a week.  Both sets of grandparents will be watching him for half the time each, and I think it will be such a special time for everyone.  I had asked the RR facebook page to be praying for me to have peace about it all, and I do.

Grandma and Grandpa’s motorcycle while he shows us where is tongue is.


Recently when talking of our travel plans with the adoption someone asked, “So you have to go MORE THAN ONCE, and your trip is more than 17 hours?!  Oh my, that is really too much, Amy.”

 But you know what?  I told them how it’s actually not!  I mean, that week is going to pass whether we are here at home or if we are traveling.  And what would I be doing here?  Changing diapers, etc.  But if we weren’t adopting, we wouldn’t be able to see this amazing city, travel together, just Andrew and I, and yes, the flight is long, but we don’t get a whole lot of time just the two of us very often, so even if it’s on a plane, I know we’ll love it!  One of our layovers is in Seoul, Korea, and we already have a date to eat some yummy Korean food together.  It’s just one of those things that if it weren’t for this adoption, it would just never happen; another added blessing weaved into something that we at first said no to and quaked in our boots about.  But God always knows.  He doesn’t call the equipped, but equips the called, and I tell you He has been equipping my heart with each passing minute preparing my heart for what He has in store, especially it seems this week.  He doesn’t have to be as kind as He has been, but I sure do appreciate it.  I can’t wait to hop on that plane!


Look at these awesome crafts we picked out to do with our big girl to bond with her.  I can’t wait to scoop her up and tell her how loved she is by her mama and papa and so many already.  Oh Lord, get me on that plan, get me in that city, get me to my girl!  But just fare warning, we’re going to want to take them all home with us!

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  • . June 7, 2012, 5:57 pm

    Love this! SOOO thrilled for you!! Can’t wait to follow your journey as well!

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