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Life, according to my phone

Soaking up the sun and sweet time with our little one.

 Once he started running into the waves, he couldn’t stop–until he was eventually just in his diaper, dodging the waves, and swinging from papa’s arms.

 Finley had his first pancake the other day.  He kept shoving more of it into his mouth, at which point he couldn’t even chew.  But, he eventually got the hang of it.  Syrup?  No…we’re mean.

 Drumming and music are still big in this house.  Papa has been playing for TNL, youth group for junior highers and he said it’s his favorite.  It’s a group of more than 300 students and staff going wild and crazy, worshiping God–loud.  My favorite part it that 3 of my high school girls from last year, now lead a group of 7th graders.  How cool is that!?  I am so proud of them.

We have been the ever good hosts.  Picking up pizza to split 6 ways.

We are checking our Koi

When Finley saw this mermaid picture, he pointed at her and said, “Mama!”  Must be the scales.

You want an instant smile, give this kid some sun glasses.  I think it’s just because he knows he’s cool.

 A couple weeks ago, our small group went to Stand Up for Kids, a place were homeless teens and kids can come and get a free meal.  The coolest part is my friend Kaydee who had never done a service project before, thought that her salad making skills would be pitiful, so she went out to order one from Upper Crust Pizza.  “What’s it for?” the man asked.

 When she told him, he said he would make the biggest and best salad he could, and give it.  For free for us to give to the kids.

How cool is that?  We were blown away.

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