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Gramma and Grandpa Brockhaus came to visit!

Gramma and Grandpa Brockhaus just came into town to visit us, and we had the best time!  They were staying at the Four Seasons for a conference for Grandpa, so we went to go visit them at the pool, and we even got to get lunch pool side with them.

But when it was time to swim, the clouds had moved in and it was much too cloudy to stay in.

So we went up to the room to get changed, and Gramma said, “Let’s go back to your house and we can help you with some of the things you are working on!”  I know, best in laws ever.

 You’d think that while they were here on vacation they’d want to just relax or spend time shopping or sightseeing?  Nope, they chose to spend their time with US!  They know how to make us all feel loved.  At our house, Gramma grabbed garden tools and started pruning and pulling weeds.

Grandpa and Andrew went to work ripping the built in bunk beds out of the extra room.  It was A LOT of work!  They just dove right in to bless us, while they could have been spending time at the Four Season…while on vacation from Arizona.   Like I said, blessed.

 They take care of Finley for us, and take him to the park while we work on adoption stuff.  Here’s some pictures from their time there.  Finley is blessed by them too and the time they spend with him.

 That night, they spoiled us with Andrew’s FAVORITE Chiptole, then even got us ice cream for dessert.  We sat around and talked, before they had to go back to their hotel.

The next day, our friend Chris was graduating from Law School, and his graduation party was at noon.  Finley takes a long nap in the middle of the day, and usually doesn’t wake up until after 2, meaning by the time we got there it would be mostly over.

“While, why don’t we come over while he’s napping, then you guys can go, and when he’s up, we’ll get him ready and come meet you!” said Gramma.  Spending the LAST day of their vactaion, at our house, without us, and while Finley is sleeping!?  All so that we could go to a party with our friends, just the two of us!?  I mean, they are such an example of sacrificial love and service to us.  No wonder Andrew turned out so well 🙂

 The party was so fun, with the best authentic Thai food you could imagine.  We spent a couple hours just hanging out, not chancing after a tiny boy.   After a few hours, Gramma and Grandpa came with Finley, and he explored around, eating some left over Thai food.

Thank you Gramma and Grandpa for blessing us with your time, and your service and you BUG HEARTS!  We love you guys and are so thankful for you in our lives!  You are good at making people food important!

Amy, Andrew and Finley

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