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The Bring Maya Home Luau!

This post is dedicated to our wonderful friends who on a daily basis enrich our lives so much with friendship and joy, but on this day in particular, we were truly humbled and blown away by you love, sacrifice, hardwork, and your ability to use God given talents you have to change our lives, and Maya’s lives forever.  We love you guys so much!  Thanks for changing our lives, the life of a little girl, and for throwing a fabulous party that everyone LOVED!

The sweet sound of Hawaiian music swung through the air, the smells of bbq chicken and macaroni salad calling us forward, people meandering around the silent auction booth, placing their names on the lists of special treasures, while Hawaiian Elvis (Aka Joe) sang melodies.


We dined outside, watching the dancers sway their hips, and smile at the audience.

 The kids had a blast on the play equipment and swings.  Some played some of the instruments.

The wonderful Sharon made the most amazing scented play dough to sells and the best mini pineapple upside down cakes you’ve ever tasted!!

Maya’s auntie Ashley, and the Fellows Family.  The Fellows were the day’s photographers who set up the high light of the event, THE PHOTOBOOTH!  They are truly San Diego’s best photographer www.acquaphoto.com and we are lucky enough to be friends with them!  We love you guys so much!

 The Jamarillos and Kathleen manning the front door and passing out tickets.  Kathleen may have even asked a passer-byer to vacate as this was a private event.  Wow, go girl! 

Here’s us at the end, trying to have any good words of thanks for everyone coming out and spending their time and hard earned money at the Luau…sheesh, what can you even say, thank you for helping us bring our daughter home, thank you for changing her life…

Everyone had their tickets out, ready to go as Kathleen, Kelly and Jessica read the numbers, and lucky winners popped up to the sound of cheering and applause as they won their awesome prizes! How these girls brought together all these amazing prizes, I will NEVER KNOW!  They must have a lot of charm. (well, duh!  Have you met them?!)

Auntie Ashley made the most beautiful hand crafted hair bows to auction off, and grandma Stubstad won them!  So looks like Maya will be able to wear the bows herself!  How special is that!?  🙂

“What a fun event!” you’re thinking.  “I wish I could have gone!!”  Totally, you DO!  Who made this event possible, then made it wonderful, you ask?  A lot of people.  A lot.

Here are just a few of the fine people that we call friends who made Maya’s Luau a fun, awesome, success!

The man with the food. Aaron can and does make the best food people can ask for, always a crowd-pleaser, no matter what.  People were talking about the Hawaiian food for days.  You want more of Aaron’s food, go to the Coyote Bar and Grill.

 This girl knows how to shake it.  She brought her whole team of Polynesian dancers and delighted us all with their dances!  We felt like we were in Hawaii, it was beautiful!!  Hosting a Luau or Hawaiian party of your own and want real, legit dancers?  Check ’em out!  Kehulili-O-Kailani  Jessica was also a big planner of the whole event!

Kelly is the organizer extraordinaire.  She managed donations, times, invites, guests, you name it, she did it.  This girl blessed our socks off and poured so much love into this event.  We can never thank her enough.  She has a big heart for the orphans in our world.

Not only the other big organizer of the big event, but also the best MC you could ask for.  Stunningly beautiful at almost 8 months pregnant, she took care of the days events and silent auction like a breeze.  I’m pretty sure she is gifted at hosting fundraisers and events…I can’t tell you have many orphan lives have been touched by her hard work and passion!

Naree and Chris were the number one baked goods sellers!  “Whatever doesn’t sell, I’ll just eat,” was their motto.  Their selling skills showed with lines like, “These brownies look good, but Jessica made them, so I don’t know…”   We love you guys!

And now, for what you have ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!  A few of the photo booth selection, all thanks to ACQUA PHOTO!!:

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  • Kym April 7, 2012, 6:19 pm

    this is beyond words. so awesome!

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