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Thank You

Photo by Mark Nagel

To our two most recent people who left donations.  Thank you so much.

One is annonymous.

And I know one came from Bula Ministries which send people from anywhere in the country on to missions trips to discretely with a team help the poor.  I love this organization.  It helps people in real need in many places in the country, but it will more change the life of the person going.  I always think there is no better way to impact the life of a teenager, young adult, young married, 30 something through retirement age than having them go on a missions trip.  Check out Bula if you or someone you know may be interested in traveling to Fiji to help women and children rescued from the sex-trade, to Africa to serve at an incredible orphanage, or Ecuador, the place where Mr. Brockhaus and I first fell in love with orphans.

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