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By clicking here:  http://www.star941fm.com/pages/star-baby/vote-entrants.php?ag=&gid=2#8http://www.star941fm.com/pages/star-baby/vote-entrants.php?ag=&gid=2#8

If you have 3 different emails, you can vote 3 times in one day. 

There are only 3 days left to vote!

Then, early Tuesday morning, we tune in to the radio and see if when they announce the winner it will be FINLEY!  Oh mu goodess, that $2000 would seriously be amazing. 

Today, at breakfast Andrew and I talked about the contest, and if Finley would win if we weren’t adopting. 

“How many people would you ask to vote for him?” I asked Andrew.

“Oh…none.  I wouldn’t even tell anyone we entered.”  He replied.  Haha, totally.

Just know we appriciate you and your votes because never in our lives have we ever needed such a huge amount of money.  Thanks for understanding!


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  • Bambi April 13, 2012, 8:55 pm

    Once per day per valid email address? That’s fine, I have 4 email addresses!