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Over the weekend, and an update.

Scenes from the weekend.

Little boys cuddling this precious stuff animals.  He only recently started loving stuffed animals, but doesn’t call them by their animal names, but only the sound they make.  His cat is a very high pitched “mew” that sounds uncannily like our own cats.

“Finley, say cooowww.”

“Muuuuuuuuuu” he says, with the satisfied look of a job well done in his eyes.

Chic-Fil-A was giving away free breakfast, so you know we were there.  Free fits in PERFECTLY with our adoption budget.  *Air high five from Dave Ramsey*  If you are adopting and haven’t done Dave Ramsey…GET WITH THE PROGRAM! 🙂

Then when friends ask to come over, and that they are bringing the food, you can’t help but say YES! (And then invite more, cause hey, the food is already there!)  It was a crazy baby mad house, and we loved it.  Our dining room shares a wall with Finn’s room, and for a moment, we let the toddlers play is his room while we all ate, and it was so cool–even though it only last all of 2 minutes.  Something to look forward to I ‘spose.

Finley is being too cool for the camera.

Sweet little Elliette at her papa’s birthday party.  We love this baby OH SO MUCH!  Isn’t she amazing??

My two guys.  I am one blessed mama and wifey.

Elliette and Joe have been practicing this for a while…and they have it mastered.  I sometimes get a little nervous when I see it, but they are pretty darn good at it, I say.

As far as adoption news, I haven’t really been mentioning it because I was frustrated that first our home study social worker was on vacation, then had the flu, then our adoption agency was on vacation till today….  I feel impatient and feel like we should be way ahead of schedule, and I don’t like to be complainy or negative.  So, now that everyone is back, you can know that all is good now, and should be processing as normal.  Sheesh, we just want to meet our girl already! 

I think, honestly, adopting an ‘older child’ is the best thing.  Is she were a baby, I would be torturing myself thinking about her laying in a crib, and all that she is missing out on every single day.  My impatience would be killing me!  But I know that Maya is walking and talking, and even though I am sure we’ll be doing a lot of catch up work with her (if only her mama was a teacher…. 😉 that she ok right now. 

Do you know the statistics of children who leave the orphanages unadopted?  If not, I’ll share sometime this week.

We find out if Finley won that dang star baby contest tomorrow.  I seriously hope we win.  I don’t think I will EVER enter him in a contest again, but at this time in our lives, I am NOT to proud to say we need the money.

Vote here, it’s the LAST day to vote till midnight:  http://www.star941fm.com/pages/star-baby/vote-entrants.php?ag=&gid=2#8


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  • Lou April 18, 2012, 3:02 am

    Did he win? did he did he? I really hope that he did…can’t wait to hear the news

    Lou 🙂

    • The Tiny Team April 18, 2012, 4:09 am

      SORRY LOU!! Yes! We WON! THANK YOU for voting! I meant to post earlier! 🙂


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