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Easter Party at our House

We decided to throw an Easter Party at our house for all our friends and their kids, and hide eggs in the back yard, cause I mean our house was still clean from growth group, so why not right?

I went all out for this party.  Finley and I visited a local 99 cent only store, and spent a whopping $9 for decor, eggs and snacks.  We filled the brightly colored egg shells with goldfish crackers and mini peanut butter ritz, and sprinkled them throughout the yard.  I even made Finley a bow-tie out of an old piece of fabric.

99 cent store basket is a winner!


The Milroys made it especially fun by placing numbers on strips of paper in 12 of the eggs.  There was a family prize associated with each of the numbers, which was a fun family treat!

“Do you wish you were me?” -Hawea

 Once the eggs were collected, we put our feet up and enjoyed the lingering sun as our tired kids played quietly together and us parents discussed  the loveliness of this age of our kids.

When the daddies went to go pick up the pizzas, the mamas put on some Bob Marley and the kids had their own drum circle, while constantly switching the same three sippy cups between each of their mouths.  

Guess what, He is RISEN and I am so flippin’ thankful about it…
Where would I be if not?  Thanks God, you rock.
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