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Andrew turned 31!!

It’s official, Andrew is now  in his mid-thirties 😉

So how did we celebrate this old man?  We had a pizza party at our house for everyone to celebrate our favorite red head! 

The kids thought it was their own personal dance party.  They were mostly right.

“Wanna see my quick step?” -Finley

 We only have the fanciest of parties at our pad.  Costco pizza is a must.  Oh and beverage?  We were generous enough to ask our friends to BYOB.  I know, I know, we are such thoughtful party planners. 

Two papas riling up the kiddos

I love all the expressions in this picture, even the up close blurry ones.

Two sweet, pregnant friends!

Andrew does NOT like cake!  So we had birthday peach pie, with a tea light!  “Yes, this is going great,” thought Finley.  “Just keep passing that pie into my hand and it will be perfect!”

 “Ok guys, this is Finley writing.  I want to teach you all how to get your own slice of party pizza when no one is looking.  Ok, so wait till everyone is eating pie and ice cream inside, then when no one is looking, reach your hand up in the table, and take a slice off someone’s plate.  It doesn’t matter who.

Then make yourself comfortable and enjoy!  This opportunity may be fleeting, so eat quick!  It will be glorious!  If anyone finds you, act natural. 

Like this.”

After the food was stuffed in our bellies, we all relaxed in our living room and play music together with the kids.

We sang some Raffi, “This little light of mine,” IZ, and Bob Marley.

All the kids grabbed some instruments of their own and joined in.

 Drums, cajons, harmonicas, guitars, shakers.

 But when it was just the daddies, I must admit it sounded a lot nicer 🙂

I have a sweet video of the music, but I can’t upload it!  Drat!

Happy Birthday old man Andrew, we love you and love celebrating your birth cause we all think you are super awesome!

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  • The Pink Growl April 10, 2012, 7:21 pm

    Looks like a fun time!

  • Lou April 12, 2012, 3:47 pm

    Looks like you had a fabulous time…..I’m not sure about hitting mid thirties at only 31…lol….still a young whipper snapper compared to some of us…..Definitely going to hit my mid forty mark in a months time at 45….lol

    Seems you are very lucky in having a fantastic circle of friends, who are with you every step of your lives – so few people have that, and it really it something special

    Lou 🙂

    PS. Hope the voting is going well for Fin – am voting everyday, along with my friends back in the UK who also think you are doing something wonderful and want to help 🙂

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