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Maya’s Luau sneak peek!

I think it was one of the best days of our whole life!

It was perfect in every way.  God was in each of the details, including moving the forcasted rainstorm to another day.

Once I get the pictures together, I promise all tell you all the details, they were pretty amazing!!  SO FLIPPIN’ FUN!  My favorite was 5 year old Cillian, “Mommy, that was the best party I’ve ever been to!”  Sweet boy!

Food, friends, fun, on the perfect day, in the perfect spot, all to help our sweet Maya come home!  See what I mean, truly one of the best days of our whole ENTIRE LIFE!

I’ll tell you all about it ASAP!

  But in the meantime, I will share these couple pictures with you:

But I have to say, Acqua Photo is the best photographer in San Diego.  Their shoots are simply magical–every time.


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