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Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Happy 31st birthday to my wonderful husband Andrew.

Andrew, when I think of you, I think of a real man.  A man of honor and courage.  A humble man who puts God and others above all else.  A man who learns the name of a waiter or waitress and shows them he cares about them as a person.  A man who will be there for his friends in an instant.  He is the first to help a stranger, the other day running to help an elderly man struggling with a door, while people closer just stood by. The first to help anyone, to pull over to help someone jump start a car.  A hard working man, who is passionate about music, and when he volunteered to play drums at church, is happy to play for the junior highers instead of adults.  A man who has service in his heart, but turns angry in an instant is he ever hears of one of my high school girls ever being mistreated, and it’s sweet because they know it too 🙂  If they were to chose to date someone less than par, he would not hesitate to speak out against it, and tell them that they are worth far more, and show that he is truly upset with them wasting their heart and time on them.  A man who won’t say an ill word about anyone, but I heard him call a guy one of my high school girls was interested in, a “looser!” (it was awesome, and funny, but not to him)

You are fun, and good looking, and an amazing papa!

Finley truly has some big shoes to fill with a papa like you, Andrew.

But what better man to father our guy and lead by example thank you!

What better papa for Maya to come home to than you!

Happy 31st Andrew!  I love you more than words can say!

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