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DIY kids’ chalkboard in their room!

Another adoption blessing is how crafty we are becoming.  Our current purchasing budget is: $0.

So it’s time to get creative!

The other day, my best friend was getting rid of things in her garage and asked me if I wanted some old, half used cans of paint, among other things.  I did.

Finley now has two grey walls, and two blue walls.  But my favorite thing is his new chalk board.

I had an old frame I got at a garage sale 7 years ago for 25 cents, and traced the inside of it on the wall with a pencil low to the ground.  I painted in the rectangle with chalkboard paint, and once it was dry, hubby drilled the frame on the wall.

The Tiny LOVES IT!

 It’s at just his level!

What’s cool about this frame is you can store the chalk on top of it.

“MOM!  Writing is SO funny!  Oh man, I can barely handle it!!!”


Right now it’s for drawing and art purposes, but in the next year or so we can work on letters and phonics!  (Once a teacher, always a teacher…)

I am thinking about writing posts about all the things we do to save money, and avoid spending money.  I was even thinking about having it be “Money saving Monday,” but we’ll see if I could ever been that organized and have it be a weekly installment.

But guess what!  We also needed a bookcase for Finely, and with our previous mentioned budget, and the help of pinterest, we MADE ONE!  It’s awesome.  I’ll show you soon.

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  • Lou March 16, 2012, 8:24 pm

    I just love looking at your photos of little Fin…Guess its the pre-school teacher in me…lol

    He is such a happy little soul, and so munchie.
    I will look forward to seeing the bookcase because I am in desperate need of one myself

    Lou 🙂

  • Betty March 17, 2012, 12:11 am

    Love this idea! I had never thought of making a chalk board with a frame…so chic! 🙂

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