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I love Washington and Lincoln!


I am so happy about this day, I could dance!

It’s official, February is the busiest month of our lives.  We have been out of town, hosting large groups, baby showers, adoption paperwork, dear friends coming into town, etc.

I think I have mastered the art of feeding a crowd for less than $2 each (shhh, they don’t know.  Thank my crock pot)

Or have a make your own pizza night, where people bring their own fixins!

 Finley loves Hawea, they even went on a beach date together.  Then that night, shhh, don’t tell but they had their first kiss.  Hawea’s mom told Hawea to give Finley a kiss, and as soon as Finley heard the word kiss, he perked his face up and leaned in at the same moment.  It was so sweet!

This was their beach date together with their papa’s while mama’s were at a sweet baby shower for little Cameron.

Before we moved in December, we had a sweet neighbor named Stuart who is a recent widower.  We met him at the mail box and chatted over baseball.  “We’ll have to have you over for dinner, Stuart!” Andrew told him.  As soon as Andrew walked home, he called him on the phone and asked about Thursday, “Well, you sure are prompt!” Stuart said when he got the message.  We have been close friends ever since.  When we moved, he moved to North Carolina, and this weekend he was in town and spent the whole day of Sunday with us.  He brought Finley two Richard Scarry books, and I have never seen Finley take to a book so well.  He adored those books.

My parents joined us for dinner, and it was just recently my dad’s 69th birthday, so I made cupcakes and got him some gardening supplies, because he is a gifted gardner, but hasn’t gardened in 10 years!  Now’s the time!

Well, goodbye for now!  I am thinking about doing a painting today and seeing if it will sell as an adoption fundraiser, what do you think? 

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  • Sarah February 20, 2012, 5:35 pm

    I think that’s so sweet you guys took the time to befriend Stuart. The bible talks about taking care of our widows and so I think any love they can get is awesome.

    – Sarah

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