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Diapering News Flash!

We interrupt this adoption blog…

…to bring you some cloth diaper breaking news!!  Some AMAZING NEWS!

1.  Bum Genius came out with their world’s best diapers ever.  We love it so much.

2.  We found the BEST diaper cream, that is cheaper than anything else out there…


1.  On black Friday, we found a huge mega sale on cloth diapers, so we ordered 6 of the new, “Free Time BumGenius” diapers.  Free time?  Why not.

Well, apparently they were back ordered because we only JUST got our 2 weeks ago…from black Friday.  And they are the BEST!  There is no need to stuff the inserts into the pockets, because two inserts are sewn on the inside as flaps.  No need to take them out of a soiled diaper, just put them in the pail.  I LOVE them.  I wish they had these when we first bought our lot.

Ok, so if you are looking to get some more cloth diapers, try these, you will not be dissappointed.  Or, if you are thinking about trying cloth diapering for the first time, now there is NO excuse about thinking it’s too hard.  I would venture to say…I would get these kind ONLY instead of pockets.

2.  Ok, we have found the world’s best diaper rash cream, and trust me, we’ve tried them all.  For the most part, they have all been expensive, sticky, smelly, hard to spread and there was a danger of leaving thicky, sticky white spots on The Tiny’s clothes after I changed him….until.

We tried Crisco.  I know, I know, weird, right?  But on. my.gooooodnesss.  It’s amazing.

1.  It’s SO much cheaper than a big jar of diaper cream, but it goes so much further because it spreads so well.

2.  It’s clear so when you’re done, no mess.

3.  It’s not super sticky and gross.

4.  Finley’s little hiney hasn’t looked to good for so long in forever.  I love this stuff, I think it’s good for his skin, at least that’s what it looks like.

5.  It is shortening so it spreads over skin really well.

Andrew and I love that we discovered it so much.  I think our jar of Crisco will last until he’s potty trained, meaning goodbye cost of diaper rash cream ever again!

Try it, you’ll love it!

I love these two things because they cut down the cost of monthly living, which helps even more to bring big sister home!  In fact, I have been finding many ways to pinch every penny, I’ll share them with you if anyone else likes that kinda thing!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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  • Kate February 19, 2012, 5:53 am

    that is AWESOME! We are out of diaper rash cream – and the fancy schmancy stuff we use is crazy expensive – we are gonna try this!

  • K February 24, 2012, 11:24 am

    I’m guessing you use disposable liners if you use rash cream, so it doesnt get onto the cloth – what sort do you use? Also, I would be interested in your frugal tips (I love that sort of thing).
    And good luck with the adoption – exciting times!