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Over the weekend…

We had a really sweet and easy weekend.

Some great friends of ours that we met through leading high school small groups had a brunch where it was revealed to us and to them the sex of their baby!

How fun is that?  Only a close friend got the call from the doctor, and she then bought the right color of balloons, filled a box, and when the time was right, they flowed out much to all of our delight!

They were BLUE!  How perfect is that for our little Finn boy in his sea of girl friends!  🙂  “Mom, I don’t discriminate!  I love all my friends!” he reminded me.

That night we had some friends over for some dinner and to relax by the fire.

My little guy is such a little lover.

We are on a BUDGET!  (Yes, we love you Dave Ramsey) and so to buy a new throw pillow for Finley’s room was out.  Instead, I cut up his bed skirt and in about 5 minutes sewed a new cover to the pillow.  Now it’s a bit more fitting for a boy’s room, don’t ya think?  At this rate someone might think I’m crafty, eh?

 We snuggled and read.  Finley is really getting into books these days, and is less of a passive observer, which is fun for my teacher heart.

That night the hubby and I got CRAZY and watched Father of the Bride II.  On our lap top.  In bed.  It was wonderful.

We styled our hair with our food.

We tasted dirt and picked dandelions.  “Look-IT!”  Finley exclaimed as he held up a dandelion.  His use of two words took me by surprise!

And to wrap up our Sunday, we had some band practice.  These two boys love nothing more than to play some drums!

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  • Lou February 1, 2012, 12:23 am

    Looks like you guys had a wonderful weekend

    Lou 🙂

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