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Our new CSA! Amazing!

Last week we signed up to be a part of a CSA!  Were and are so excited.  I just googled CSA and my city and as it turns out, a pick up spot for a CSA is 4 minutes from our house!  Beats going to the grocery store, I tell ya!

What’s a CSA?  It’s organic farmers who share their crops with people who buy shares of their produce.  It supports good farming practices, and the food is actually healthier than the food in the store because they use green techniques to farm such as crop rotation, good bugs, green fertilizers, etc.  You know, the stuff that was standard for centuries because the onset of cancer and other diseases….

But, that’s actually not even my favorite part of being part of a CSA.  You drive to the pick up spot, and you pick up your box that is ready for you.  What’s in it?  Whatever was growing that week!  I LOVE THAT! 


This is me normally in the produce section, “Hmmm, ok, maybe some apples, or bok choy, I could cook it, or something, but what about to have as snack, like, some cucumbers, or maybe a bunch of bell peppers, or if I buy strawberries and grapes will they go bad….”

Then, TA-DA!  What are we getting as far as produce this week?  Look in the box and that’s IT!  I love it.  They even mailed me some recipes for some of the ingredients.

So last night I hoisted my box home, took it all out, and it looked amazing.  I cut up all my tomatillos and made a chicken dish with it.

SO THAT IS WHAT FOOD IS SUPPOSED TO TASTE LIKE!!!  No wonder America is obsessed with ‘suace.’  You know what I mean?  We all put sauce on EVERYTHING!  But that meal I made last night was so flippin’ good, I can still taste it!  I guess all that green farming stuff really works, and apparently is better for me.  (But even if it wasn’t, and tasted that good, I would still like it better)

I also like the message getting a CSA box says to our kids; we eat what is provided and are thankful.  “What are parsnips?  We don’t know but let’s find a recipe and make something GREAT!”

I love our CSA which is J.R. Organics.  I love how close it is.  I love how healthy it is, but most of all, that was the best dinner and salad I had last night that I’ve had in a looooong time.  

Oh, and funny fact about me:  I like all foods, especially all fruit.  Except apples.  Weird, right?  I just couldn’t stomach them.  Until today!  I had a tiny, organic CSA apples (we got four in our box) and I love it!  And even ate the whole thing!  Andrew was impressed.

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  • Lou January 13, 2012, 9:07 pm

    This sounds like what I get delivered every other wednesday. Someone came around in November knocking doors and asking people to give it a try. I love fresh organic fruit and veg so I jumped straight in.

    The box of goodies gets left on my doorstep around 6am every other wednesday. I take it in unpack it all, flatten the box and stick it out on the porch and they take it away when they bring the next box.

    Hubby thought it may be a little pricey but form my investigation in the supermarket its pretty competitive and of course it’s fresher than fresh and organic too.

    Mine comes from ‘Farm Fresh to You’ here:

    Lou 🙂

  • The Tiny Team January 16, 2012, 5:25 pm

    HOW COOL IS THAT, LOU!! I would so love it to be delievered, it’s fun and exciting, huh? Thanks for the link, I hope others will find it useful!


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