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Turket Trot

Is very special to Andrew and I.  Last year on the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot was when I first went into labor.  I waited until the boys were done with the race and we were home before I said a word.  So now, this day, that race will forever mark the day in our lives as the day we began the process to meet our son. 

That morning we woke up early and got ready for the run.

And even snuck some last minute kisses

I had never run a real 5K before, neither had Finley.  He rode in style.

We had signed up with our friends from growth group.  We decided the girls would take the strollers so the guys could bust ahead.  It’s seriously better running with friends, cause running kinda sucks otherwise.

About a mile into it, I realized that it was much harder than I thought!!  I was TIRED!  But I kept running.  Finley was cheering me on with full gusto.

The last mile was along the foggy coast.

TURKEY TROT!!!! I ran you and I didn’t go into labor!!  I ate so much dang food that night, it was glorious! 

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  • Rachel December 1, 2011, 10:50 pm

    Love this!! I love all the pictures & Finley’s complete enthusiasm for your awesome run! hahah He’s such a doll!

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