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The San Diego New Children’s Museum

We recently went to the New San Diego Children’s Museum.

It. Was. Amazing.  It’s not some art on the walls with some ‘interactive’ play dough at the end, but real modern artists created interactive art for kids to get into. I thought Finley and Hawea might be too young, but as it turns out they loved it.

I was very inspired by the art in each section of the museum, and felt a strange urge to get back into art when I got home.  I used to be very into art, but started to let myself slip away with the excuse, “what an expensive hobby…”  But guess that the theme was at this museum this month?  It was trash!  Artists used recycled trash to tell stories of how people use trash to build schools, housing, and live their lives with trash!  My excuse is worthless…

Staring up at the light display made by plastic bags

This is the toddler, “Barn Room.”  Finley can’t walk yet, but I guess he’s still a toddler…

We ventured into a maze coated in recycled clothing and graffiti.

Wow!  What a good lookin’ statue! Who’s the artist?

I like the same artist who formed this little face as well. I’m a fan.

The twirly bob bowl/seat section was a hit as well.  Except I had to tell a few kids to “be careful of the babies.”  Hey, it’s my paid profession to tell other people’s kids what to do, right?  I just didn’t expect to have to do it in front of their parents, I mean, jeez, right?  To many parents lost in their iPhones while their kid almost kicks mine, but the kids were sweet and moved back a bit 🙂

two awesome dad-dudes

We attempted to get a shot of the kids, one in each basket held by this woman…This was seriously the best one out of 8 quick shots! Those kids were on the go, and had no time for a good shot when they were surrounded by mind blowing art to destroy…(or was that just Finley)

These big tubes and slide area was by far Finn’s favorite.  It kind of made me want to keep my eye out for some old tubes people are throwing out.

“mama, I luv art!”

There was some sort of crazy David Bowie seeming area, with costumes of the kids.  But at that point, the museum was closing, and the kids were ready for home.

Best part of all?  Thanks to my bloggy friend at www.sandiegodealsandsteals.com  we went on their FREE DAY!  It would have otherwise been $40 bucks for the 6 of us to go!!!  Insane.  We basically don’t do a family outing unless it’s free, so thanks SDDS!

Check it out, it’s fun, inspiring and if you’re lucky, free!
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  • erinj0 December 17, 2011, 5:21 pm

    What a GREAT deal! You can’t beat free 🙂
    It looked like so much fun! Sometimes I think I would have just as much fun as the little ones in a Children’s Museum! ha-ha

  • Jess December 18, 2011, 4:19 am

    I wish we had something like this near us!

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