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Bye bye binkie!

I think it was harder on me those first 2 days than him.

“OH MY GOSH!  Let’s just go in there and give it to him!  It’s not THAT bad for his teeth!  They’re JUST BABY TEETH!”  I said in a moment of weakness, panik in my eyes as I heard The Tiny take longer than normal to fall to sleep.

“NO!  We can’t confuse him.  Let’s just be done or we’ll have to start ALL over again,” my wise husband interjected.

“Oh man, ok.  This is killer….” I lamented.  And within 5-10 minutes he was out.  A couple days later, it was like no big deal to him.  He still took his morning and afternoon naps just fine, and slept at night no problem.  Another fear of mine was being out in public and him having a major melt down, what would I do??  But now, a week into it after going completely cold turkey, I am SO thankful we pulled the plug, so to speak.  And there have been no major melt downs.

I mostly wanted to avoid this:

“NI NI!!!!”

I used to teach preschool in the 2-3 year old room and all those kiddos had pacifiers. We would pop those things out of their mouths, and they would moan and complain for a moment, but then come alive to the world and play with no problem. When they had them in, they walked around dazed to the world, not interacting with each other–at ALL.  As soon as they were picked up though, those paci’s were popped right back in–haha!

Then, while listening to The Tiny struggle to sleep the first night, I decided to look it up and see if it was truly worth it.  Turns out it is, which is not the answer I was looking for at the time….

How Parents can help their child develop language article:

Limit the time your child spends sucking on (and talking around) pacifiers.*
Children talk more often and more clearly when they don’t have pacifiers available. An added bonus: Pediatricians have noted that ear infections are about 33 percent more frequent among children who use a pacifier often.

And I can honestly say a week later, he doesn’t seem to miss it.  And that means I guess I don’t either!  WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  CELEBRATE!  That was SERIOUS will power on my part…


He’s cuter without one anyway

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  • Skye December 7, 2011, 3:39 pm

    I a soooo jealous! And thanks for posting this! My daughter is 18 months and sooo reliant on her binkie! WE secretly call her crackhead (ok only joking of course!!!) – We had planned on taking it away on thanksgiving weekend, but there were too many family activities… and not a good time to do it. So now, we plan on New Years weekend…. it’s a 3 day weekend, and a good time for that “Rehab” to happen LOL… I am dreading it for real – since she is so dependent on it!!!! But it was awesome to read this that it only took a couple days to get past the bad part! 🙂 Congrats!!

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