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Purees for a finger food eater?

Recently Finley, my good eater, has been snubbing his finger foods.  What?  I had rarely seen this boy turn food away, despite the form.   As a mama, I love feeding my lil’ guy good food, so I was in a pickle.

The Tiny, happily enjoying finger food–pre-finger food strike.  Hmmmm…

So I reached into the cupboard and pawed around for the food processor once again.  I decided to mix together the food I had previously diced up for chubby little fingers.

I must say I had missed making his baby food in this way, and I was glad to be able to do it again.  Who would have thought? I love combining different kinds of foods together, and Finley loves eating it.  As I blended m steamed fruit and vegetables, I marveled at the fact that I hadn’t even realized I had put the food processor away.  That in doing so, the season of my life of making pureed baby food for him was, in most respects, over.  These little windows of opportunity in our lives really just go so fast, almost in the blink of an eye.

 Apples and zucchini?  He slurped it right up off the spoon, little stinker!

But I must say, there is a day in the distance I am looking forward to even more.  That day will come when small, yellow flowers begin to bloom.  When the teeny, round orb under the flowers grows bigger and bigger.

This is my small garden, with seeds I planted from the food we ate. I almost can’t believe my eyes, but I see little, tiny spaghetti squashes smaller than a pinky nail underneath some of those leaves.  I can’t wait to be able to make babyfood from vegetables we grew ourselves.(Especially since spaghetti squash are about $5 each, and I see around 5 tiny squash bulbs.  (Not to mention they make a perfect dinner for grown ups as well! Click here for recipe)

Then, while making baby food, I got really into in.  I pulled out all sorts of good food and continued to steam and puree.  Recently, Whole Foods was having a Kale Sale, so while kale steamed on the stove top, I made some kale chips for Andrew and I.  Which I basically had to execute full will power not to completely consume before he got home from work…  It was my greatest test of strength to this point.

Kale Chips recipe por moi:
-Olive Oil
-Lemon juice

Lay kale onto baking sheet.  Then, at random and with desired flare, squeeze, toss or sprinkle each of the other ingredients on top.  I know, look out Rachel Ray, here I come.

What was The Tiny doing during this time?

He kept himself busy.

So mamas, enjoy each and every second.  Our babies lives are such a small window, and opportunities are fast.  If you are making your own baby food, enjoy it, love it, and get creative.  It wasn’t until I had forgotten about it that I realized what a special opportunity it really is.

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  • skirtastop November 3, 2011, 4:54 am

    Firstly: I agree. Especially with the second kid – it goes even faster! Secondly: I showed my almost-11-month-old son the first photo of your little guy and he started giggling at him, so now I think they’re kind of internet buds. 😉

  • dramaticmama November 3, 2011, 4:47 pm

    Awh! Too cute. By the time I got my baby bullet, Dustin was eating whole foods. (I kept getting told I was moving too slow with purees). I am excited for when I get to have baby #2 and try again making the baby food myself.
    I LOVE the last picture of him playing with the pots and pans! Too cute!

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