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Clothing Exchange–My genius friends

Everyone go in your closets, and find ten items that you really don’t wear anymore.  Pack them up and bring them to meet the girls.

Kathleen provided wine and Hors d’oeuvres.

I am not kidding, I love cleaning things out.  I don’t feel I properly cleaned a room, drawer, etc unless there are a couple things I either toss in the trash can, or bag up for goodwill or for a certain friend…

Except for clothes!!  What is my deal!?  If I am on a missions trip and I am leaving the country, I love giving all my clothes to the people, no problem, but cleaning out my closet here at home…  just shoot me.

“I can maybe wear this under something…”
“I can wear this over something…”
“For my next interview…”

And as the years pass, it just gets worse.  So when I heard about the clothing EXCHANGE I was so happy.  I could tell myself that for each item I yanked from the clutches of my closet, I would change for better, more stylish clothes.

Le, De and I kissed our babies goodbye and carpooled together as our husbands hung out with the babies.  We got there a bit early to help set up the different areas and sections.


Jewelery and accessories:


Pants in one area, skirts in the other, dresses on the ottoman.  Some people brought more than 10 items, some went all out and brought much more.

Then it was time to lay down the rules.  I love that, I would have just said “Go For It Girls!!”  But Kathleen knew.  She broke us into groups of 4, and said we could move as a group to each area and pick one thing each until the end, which would be a free for all.

 I can’t believe the amount of cute things I got.  I mean, seriously, I wear these things every day.  Cute shoes, pants, sweaters, tank tops, a purse…
Now that we do Dave Ramsey life, I think of these free clothes as treasure.  My husband did too 😉

 There were a few times when I would pick up a dress and show a friend giggling because it was obviously from an older lady.  But as it turned out, there were a couple older ladies present who picked these dress and held them up with a champion grip.  It was sweet because everyone really got things they loved.

Talk about a frugal event that we all LOVED.  Kathleen and Leanne said they are already planning next year’s!  Score!  Here’s us with some of our best pieces from the night.

 Loved it!  (Look at Kelly D showing off her Juicy bag, haha!)

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