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Two sweet voices

I was reading some adoption blogs last night and I was SO touched by what some of these kids, some home only a few months, said to their parents.  I was so touched by these little voices, these sweet lives who knew that they were once alone in the world, and now know that they belong, that I read it aloud to Andrew–and now I’m sharing it with you.

This family adopted a 5 year old boy named Danil with HIV from eastern europe a few months back, and here is the account of a sweet conversation he had with his mama who crossed the sea for him.

 “Danil then started a conversation with me that I hope I never forget, this is part of the reason I am recording it here.

He said “I love home, I love Mommy, I love Daddy, I love Abbey, I love Grant” I told him that I was so happy that God told me to go and bring Danil home to America.  Danil said “I asked Where is my Mommy? Where is my Mommy?” With a giggle he said “My mommy in America” I told him yes, Mommy was in America and God told me where to find Danil.  Danil then said “I saw Mommy first”  I was a little puzzled by this but then he repeated “I saw Mommy first”

It clicked.  I said “Oh in the Director’s office, you saw me first?”  “Yes I saw Mommy first”  “Mommy sit next to Daddy”  “I saw Mommy first”
Then he proceed to say “I talked really really lot” and oh how I remember him talking so much . . the memory made me smile.  He then recounted the Kinders we brought for him and his groupa.

We arrived at our “date” which was the local McDonalds.  Danil was so excited to get an ice cream cone.  It was raining so I carried him inside.  His little arms and legs were wrapped around my torso and he had the biggest smile on his face.  Thank you Lord for this moment.

While waiting to get his ice cream, he got a little excited and bumped me on the bridge of the nose with his flashlight.  “Ouch” he immediately said “I’m sorry Mommy” and reached down a planted a big kiss on my nose.  Thank you Lord for this moment.

We sat while Danil ate his ice cream, with a big smile on his face.  We talked a little more about the orphanage and about how much he liked his ice cream.

After returning home, both boys got ready for bed.
When the lights were almost ready be turned out, Grant started to cry.  He has been having nightmares lately.  Danil got out of his bed and said “What wrong Grant?” I told Danil that Grant was scared.  Danil said “It’s okay Grant, I here, I not scared.” Danil ran his hand down Grant’s arm. “It’s okay Grant”  Danil then asked me if I would push his bed closer to Grant’s.  I did and Danil laid down and placed his hand on Grant’s bed, as to say . . “I’m right here Brother.”
Thank you God for this Moment.
Yes, the ride back up is SO WORTH IT!  Let’s hope it’s a long ride to the top.
 Read their blog and their adoption and family story here:  http://oldhouseonwashington.typepad.com/ouradoptiononwashington/

Sweet brother, sweet boy.  Can you believe that without being adopted, his life expectancy was only around 18 years old.

Here is the other story I read of little girl named Vera who’s family also crossed the sea to save her from a life in an institution.  A life of lonilness and fear.

Vera and I have had the same conversation multiple times a day this week. It goes like this:
“Mommy stop? Vera no take?” (Translation, Mommy will stop people who try to take Vera?)
“Yes, Mommy will stop anyone who tries to take Vera. No one will take Vera away.”
“And Daddy stop? No take Vera?”
“Yes, Daddy will stop anyone who tries to take Vera.”
“And Toby bite?”
“Yes, Toby will bite anyone who tries to take Vera.”
“Vera stay Mommy.”
“Yes, Vera stays with Mommy.”
“And Daddy.”
“Yes, Vera stays with Mommy and Daddy.”
“And Jacob and Caleb and Abbi.”
“Yes, we all stay together. We’re family.”
“And Toby and Phoebe.”
“Yes, the dog and cat too. We all stay together. We’re a family.”
Every day.
At least 3 times. Usually more.
We have had this conversation.
All week long.
Bless her little heart.
Slowly but surely Vera has gotten back to herself this week. Yesterday was the BEST day Vera has had in awhile. She was in my lap most of the afternoon which is unusual for her. She’s a busy girl and doesn’t like to sit much. We read lots of books. We watched a short video. We had tea and granola bars. And we had this conversation.
“Vera Mommy’s?”
“Yes, Vera is Mommy’s.”
“And Mommy Vera’s?”
“Yes and Mommy is Vera’s.”
“And Jacob and Caleb and Abbi?”
“Yes, Mommy is Jacob’s and Caleb’s and Abbi’s and Vera’s.”
“Mommy nice. Kiss my cheek?”
And I kissed her cheek.
“Fank uh, Mommy. Vera kiss Mommy.”
And she kissed me.
And then we had the first conversation again.
Read their adoption journey and about their lives on their blog here:  http://lifeattheevans.blogspot.com/
I am so happy for these children.  They had never had a family before, but they know they want one.  They know they need one.  I pray every orphaned and abandoned child could be as lucky as these two are right now.
www.reecesrainbow.org  <---Pray, support, proclaim, give. 
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  • Squiggly Rainbow September 29, 2011, 9:37 pm

    Precious xx

  • Loni September 30, 2011, 12:08 am

    oh my goodness this was so so sweet.

  • thislifeisabeautifulone September 30, 2011, 4:12 pm

    wow, so sweet. thanks for opening my eyes to the reality of these sweet kids. i hear about it, i know about it … but you are so loving and passionate and willing to bring the reality of their circumstances to light. definitely something we are thinking and praying about more and more.

    what about you guys? are you thinking adopting a sweet little ones is in the future for you?

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