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Guess what!

We won an iPad!

Yes, I mean we won it.  Winning anything is thrilling, winning an iPad, well, let’s just say we were having our own kind of dance, stomp and shout party when we found out.

Andrew and I love adoption.  Like, so much and so passionately, that if we could, we would personally fund the adoption of each and every family-less child in the whole world.  There is nothing like seeing a child saved from an institution find hope, joy, love and healing in a home.  So, often times, families who are trying to fund their adoption, trying to raise the ‘ransom’ (yes, we believe that is what families do, they are ransoming these children for death.  Seriously, I have been to the institutions in Eastern Europe, death) do “giveaways.”

We have donated and entered a few giveaway in the past, but this time, when we got home, we found an email in our inbox, “Congratulations, you won our giveaway!  You won an iPad!” was waiting for us from the adopting family!

We love apple products.  Bring on the iPhones, Macs, iPods, I mean, seriously, whatever it is put an apple logo on it, and just bring it.  But, we waited on the iPad.  “Do we need a larger iPhone?  Isn’t it just like a computer without a keyboard?”  We felt like it was the intersecting section of a ven diagram, covered by our other products.

Then one day, we got home and who happened to be leaving our place but a UPS man.  “Is that package for us?” my husband picked up his pace, arm out, trying to intercept his retreat to the large truck.  Andrew was successful and signed his name, landing the small box in his hands.

Since then, Andrew doesn’t use the computer much, or his iPhone as often.  The intersecting area has taken over the original components, we are officially iPad lovers.  We have downloaded all sorts of apps.  Real Dr. Seuss books that can be read to you, you tap on the illustrations or words and they are read aloud.  We have speakeasy apps which teach us languages and PBS kids apps.  (We don’t really believe in showing The Tiny tv, but we still have it, and we sometimes compromise and show him an elmo clip here and there).  We skype with family, and create art, drawing with our fingers on the screen.

The Tiny showing his cousins all about the iPad.  Come on buddy, sharing is caring.

Here is the family that is adopting:  http://www.jennandchrisandkpr.blogspot.com/ they adopted a precious girl with down syndrome last year, and they are doing it again this year!  Hurray for two lives saved!

I know you might be feeling like you want to win something too, right?  I know, it was pretty flippin awesome.  I found a couple giveaways where you can try your luck.  But like we told ourselves, even if we don’t win, a child gets rescued so everyone wins!  Maybe you’ll find somethin’ you like.

Help Vinnie come home:  http://fundraisingforvinnie.blogspot.com/
Help Celine find a family:  http://caring4celineandcoralynne.blogspot.com/2011/08/celines-shoot-for-stars-giveaway.html
Joseph and Samuel: http://www.celebratinghome.com/fundraiser/rhodesfamilyadoption/OnlineFundraiserHome.aspx

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