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Cake Tasting!

What more could you ask for in an afternoon?

I mean, right??  Twigs coffee shop and bakery is amazing.

My beautiful friend Brieanne is getting married this coming November to quite a guy, CJ who is in Afghanistan right now and will be up until the wedding.  I had never really thought much about what military families go through until experiencing a glimmer of it through Brieanne.  Never had I realized the sacrifice these families, these moms, and wives and children and men give for us, most of the time without much thought in return or a thanks.

I miss Andrew when he’s gone for a day of work.  These people live without their spouses and fathers for months and years at a time.  And while they are gone, they are real danger.  Not just a little, but a lot.  I had a moment when the power went out and Andrew was gone…

So while he’s gone, we plan the wedding.  We look forward.  We focus on the each piece of the wedding puzzle as it builds to the final joy, the final uniting and end of a long time gone, a long time on the front lines of a battle.  A battle where men fall and fathers dies.  Wives lose their real husbands.

And in the meantime, we eat tiny bites of cake.  Chose the flavors we like the best. 

Twiggs wins awards for their wedding cakes in San Diego almost every year.

Brieanne’s sweet mom is a baby magnet, which is perfect when The Tiny and his sweet friend Camille come along.

“Mary, I know yous wanna hear bout da cakes, but did you see my giraffe yet?”

Sweet Camille

After sampling some of the best cakes I have ever eaten, we decided on not one, but three flavors.  We couldn’t decide.  Barry said that was normal, and we could do 3 cakes if we wanted.  Yes, we wanted.

Even cake makers have to have their beards tugged by tiny hands.

CJ will be home soon, and lucky for him, I think he is going to have some of the world’s best cake at his wedding.
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