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Our first day of Warner Hot Springs.

    We put our brave pants on and went on vacation, with our 8 month old.  Oh my, it was wonderful.  We absolutely loved our time, but I have to say, vacations aren’t what they used to me.
This is The Tiny right outside our cabin for the weekend.  He loves wiggling his little corn on the cobb toes in the grass,
My guys and I toured the grounds of the fifties cabin filled resort. 

That night we ventured down to the smelliest pool you have ever smelled.  It is 104 degrees of pure bliss.  As soon as you slip into that murky water, you literally feel like you’re being renewed.  Tinies aren’t allowed into the sulfur pools, so we got a bucket filled with half sulfur water, half pool water and The Tiny went to town, splashing his chubby hands furiously with a huge grin on his focused face.

I was able to stay in the sulfur while The Tiny played.

It was the perfect starting day to any vacation.  I love my little family.

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