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Del Mar Races with Tinies

We had our first day at the races over the weekend.  A friend in our small group organized the whole day, her dad was a jockey and is now a trainer.

We have lived in San Diego our whole lives and had never been to the races before!  It really was fun, but I am so glad we had Kathleen to show us around.  We even got to go into the winners circle at the end.

The Tiny slept in the moby for much of it, but woke all sweaty and happy up just in time to see the horses parading around the circle.  Too bad the one horse I bet $4 on was not among them.  

I love our small group.  Having a group makes outings with a baby so much more fun and easy.   Plus, it’s great to have amazing friends.

 Right before The Tiny fell asleep, he started to get pretty tired.

See this winning horse?  It was NOT StoneStepper…  Just an FYI.  Rats.  Heather won big bucks by betting on a trifecta.  Shoulda listened to the preggy 😉

 Here is Kathleen’s dad, the jockey and trainer extrordinaire!

We had such a great day eating good food, having good conversations and watching beautiful horses, all while tiny babies slept wrapped up in their mama’s arms. 

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