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First Swim Class

Our boy loves water.

I mean, no fear–put me in– and I’ll splash and laugh all day kind of love for being in water.  I had always thought any sort of swim lesson under about 3 years old were a waste of money, “they won’t be able to really swim anyway!” I declared!

But, my dad told me that around 6 months is the perfect time because they don’t have a fear of the water yet, and that same lack of fear I see in Finley’s eyes is another reason I thought it may just be a good idea to get him some skills. 

So we signed him up, and we were so excited.   I mean, since when is our baby taking a “class.”  It seemed so grown up and exciting.  The staff recommend twice a week, and we decided to do a Saturday class so that Andrew could get in there with him, and then maybe one during the week.

Just before we walked into class on his first day.

 As we walked in, we were surrounded by the sounds of teachers calling, babies splashing and kids shouting, it was a busy pool.  The Tiny was in heaven, he loves commotion. 

 Andrew and The Tiny got in the water and started following along with the teacher. 

“Oh man….I LOVE THIS!”

The teacher taught Andrew how to dunk him so that he holds his breath.

“Whoa!  I think I did it!”

He even got to walk across a foam train to papa!  (P.s. did you know that bum genius diapers without the inserts work as the world’s best swim diaper–for free?  I know, right!)

One of The Tiny’s best girl friends, Nakoa, took the class with him, and he had a good time talking about all they learned together with her.

The Tiny swam up to the edge to wave hi to mama.

“HI MAMA!  Did you see all my skills!  I can hold my breath under water now!”

 After class was over and before we slicked off The Tiny’s wet suit, we had a few moments of dripping cuddles, with one happy, proud boy.

We sure are proud of our little swimmer!

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  • Rachel July 18, 2011, 5:45 pm

    wow he is so darling! I am so excited to see how all these classes go!

  • thislifeisabeautifulone July 18, 2011, 6:33 pm

    love love love everything about this!

  • DeFords July 18, 2011, 6:52 pm

    He is sooooo adorable and looks so much like the both of you! What a cute lil guy! So cute that he is taking classes with Nakoa! What a lucky lil guy:)

  • dramaticmama July 19, 2011, 2:15 pm

    Those pictures, adorable like always!!! 🙂
    Also, super jealous!!! I wish we could put our little man in swimming lessons, he is kind of afraid of “swimming” right now. 🙁 We have to hold him standing up, and let him splash on his own. If we try anything else, he cries and gets stressed out.

  • zaliah July 25, 2011, 11:54 pm

    This little boy is very much excited of his swimming lesson. He doesn’t even scare with water just like other kids. It seems that this little boy will be one of the good swimmers someday. You must be proud of it!

    swimming pool games