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Rewind to the 80’s: Memorial Day Weekend Part III

The tough mudder was over, our guys had completed with flying colors, we had taken a day to recover, and now it was time to celebrate.  After a dinner of Bourbon Tri-tip and salmon, I snuck away and put “80’s pop” on Pandora until you could hear the lyrics, “highway to the danger zone” starting to fill the air.  A side table held three propped-up baby monitors of each of The Tinies, snoozing in different rooms of the house.  (Open this video in a browser while reading this, you’ll see why…)
These two got into character, and as the night went on they knew every song played.
Chris seriously wins the creeper costume award
Our friend suzie
Where’s our portable keyboard?  Blowin’ it…
The pool table downstairs just seemed to fit the theme oh-so-perfectly.
Kahea’s outfit was legit from the 80s
Our two buds from the tough mudder, who knew they had such authentic garb.
Who knew these 5 had so much in common

Check out that hunky husband!

Perfect last evening in the cabin

*Any photo that looks good, was taken by our friends, the rest were mine 😉

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  • erinj0 June 3, 2011, 8:13 pm

    That looks like it was a blast! Themed parties are the best & it really gets every one in the mood to have a good time –
    It also reminds me of Saved by the Bell 🙂 Growing up, I loved that show!

  • Foster June 4, 2011, 12:27 am

    Love it!!! Found you on bloggy moms. Check out my stuff at http://fosterandboo.blogspot.com/ If you like it, follow back!