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Pool relaxing

On the days where the June gloom mist is at bay, and the sun warms the sidewalk under your feet, The Tiny, Andrew and I slip into suits and carry a space aged floatation device up over our shoulder up to the pool.  When The Tiny is the most happy, he is also the most active; bubbling over with bounces, giggles and pre-crawling legs kicks and arm flaps, and this boy is strong.  As soon as his little legs are suspended in the water, he knows he can get as wild as he wants, toes kicking through the water like fish, arms a constant springing wave.

“OH MY GOOOOOSH!”  Look at this!”

“I love swimming!  That’s what this is called, right?”

Until he totally wore his little self out.

Just in time for lunch.  Oh yum!  Pass the mango yogurt!

Do you like to take your Tiny in the pool?  What do they think?  Which pool floaty do you like?
We have this one.  We’re totally happy with it.  The more sun protection the BETTER!

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