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Memorial Day Weekend Part II: Meals and Town

One of the best parts of our trip up to the cabin was the cooking–in fact, as I write this, I believe I am going through withdrawals.   Each couple was responsible for one meal, meaning we were being cooked for most of the trip!  And I think since we had to make one meal for 12 people, we each wanted to make these meals good.  All the stops were pulled, there would be no pasta, no cold cereal, no meatloaf…

 Gourmet taco night, bourbon tri-tip and salmon with root vegetables, mexican pie, belgian waffles, blueberry pancakes…

Andrew and I had breakfast Sunday morning; 30 blueberry and raspberry pancakes, fluffy and soft, 3 packs of salty bacon, eggs, juice and fruit were juggled on 4 burners, only 3 of which could be used at a time.  We’d quickly slip the bacon out of the pan as soon as they were crispy, and peeled off 6 more pieces to lay in the pan to get ready.

As the bacon sizzle in the pan, and the coffee pot groaned and steamed rich smells of coffee first into the kitchen, then through the house, we started to hear socked feet hit the floor, and smiley, sleepy friends come into the living room, not quite ready for the day, but quite ready for breakfast.

Until breakfast was served.

That day we went into town with some friends and walked through downtown.  It was suprisinly cold as the wind blew across our faces, but it kind of added to the mountain town feel to have a chilly day.  We decided that it would be perfect to get warm coffee drinks and homemade marshmallows.

  (I am so the only one ready for this photo)

We made it to the cutest coffee shop and got some warm drinks for our cold hands.
 (Homemade, fresh marshmallows dipped in chocolate alongside a creamy chia tea, gathered around a counter top talking to friends, until we realized we’d better get home because we were pretty sure lunch would be ready?  Yes, it was fun!)

At home, we ate up our lunch, and relaxed.
And played with some friends
And lastly, tomorrow will be part III.  And here is the preview of the night:
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