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Introducing Solid Foods

For a couple weeks, The Tiny’s favorite past time was watching our food laden fork go from plate to our mouths with a cat-preying-on-unsuspecting-mouse like intensity–his mouth agape.

At his four month check up, our pediatrician said we could start feeding him solids, but I told him we wanted to wait.  He said that was fine.  Two weeks before his 6 month mark, we decided to introduce rice cereal, the very first step in baby food.  We thought that if we got him going on some of the “first foods” that by the time he’s six months, he’d be set.

AND–we were excited.  Very excited.  We’re not sure why, maybe the newness of it, maybe that we would be experiencing a very cute event and seeing his response, or the fact that we would finally allow him to be on the receiving end of a utensil, something that we knew he would love.

We made a special trip to Henry’s and got baby spoons and commercial, no GMO infant rice cereal.  Even though my intent is to make all his food, the wonderful baby food book, Super Baby Food recommends starting with commercial white Earth’s Best rice cereal because of the lack of enzymes in the babies tummy, then making the rest of the food. 

We got home, put him in the bumbo (The high chair was still in the attic.  By attic, I mean on the rafters that aren’t supposed to support weight.  Hey, you gotta get creative).  We put a little bib around his chubby neck rolls, mixed some of the powdery flakes of rice cereal with breast milk and stirred it as we approached The Tiny, finger in his mouth, watching us with wide eyed anticipation.

“Are you ready?” We both smiled at him.  We had decided that no matter how it went, whether he loved it, or pushed it out with his tongue, we would both smile, and tell him that he was a very good boy.

We held the spoon up with a pea sized amount of runny cereal in the shallow well, and his mouth dropped wide.

We both giggled, but continued the motion of the spoon right into that expectant, sweet little mouth.

He was slow and cautious.  He moved it around with his tongue, while staring into our eyes to see if maybe we thought this was totally crazy–so we just smiled back, showing him that it was good.

Since then, he eats with gusto! “Bring on that spoon!  Bring on that food!  Here I am, you beautiful mush!”  -The Tiny

The rule is to introduce one new food item at a time for four days, then you can introduce a new food so that if there is an allergic reaction, you know which food is causing it. Four days later, we bought one organic avocado, and mashed it up with some milk.  Would he like it?  We have come to find that if it is food going in his mouth, he will like it.

We have since been making a few more new foods for him, and he has loved every single one.  He has even been known to cry when we stop feeding him.  The boy loves his food.

I was sort of nervous making baby food at first, but let me just tell you, I love it.  I dusted of my mini food processor, started slowly, and it’s great.  I’ll share with you our little eating adventures as we go–and all the recipes (as if mixing a food with milk is any sort of recipe, but you know, sometimes it’s easier to see it explained…)

“Hey guys, fanks so much for my foods.  I really wuv it.  Kinda tastes like milk, kinda like sumfun else too, and I like that.  More please?”  -The Tiny

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  • Frugal in WV May 18, 2011, 12:13 am

    Adorable photos! Neither of my babies liked any food, until they were allowed table foods. Following you from the mom blogger club, look forward to your future posts! You can find me at


  • The Save at Home Mom May 18, 2011, 12:17 am

    so cute! I LOVED making my own baby food 🙂 although, an avocado would have made her happy for life! It’s so fun to start finding new colors and tastes to feed these little ones 🙂 good luck!

  • Jennie May 18, 2011, 6:06 pm

    Oh, I’m so jealous that he is loving the food! I did the same with my little guy last spring – rice, then avocado, and he was not.a.fan. I made my own food too, and was super excited about it. The feeling was not mutual!

  • Deb K May 20, 2011, 10:11 pm

    Too cute!!

    I am now following you from MBC 🙂

    You can find me here~


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