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Michaelle House with the homies

Last week, the homies and I visited the Michaelle House in Vista.  Why did we go?  What did we do?  Who lives there?  Did you say Michelle Tanner?

No to the Michelle Tanner–I know, bummer.  

The people who live at the Michalle House are living with HIV/AIDS, and it’s a place where they can receive care and services in order to rebuild their health and return to independent living, or where they can spend their last days in comfort and dignity.

I had been once before and loved it.  It’s not fancy, and the people are not particularly friendly(you gotta draw some of them out of their shells :), but there is a sweetness to it.  HIV/AIDS weakens the immune system, so many of the residents are run down, and suffering from other infirmaries.  While a couple greet you, some sit outside with headphone smoking.

For many years there was a big ol’ hype about HIV/AIDS basically making most people not want to be in the same city as someone with HIV or AIDS, and while it is a very serious, and life long illness, it is very hard to catch it from someone.  The truth is that the AIDS virus is very fragile and dies as soon as it comes in contact with air–it can only be passed by sex, breastfeeding or needle sharing.  Turns out, no one was planning on any of those things, so we were good.  When I told the homies about it, I wanted them to know these facts:

You Do Not Get AIDS From:

  • Touching, social kissing, coughing, or sneezing
  • Contact with eating utensils, water fountains, toilet seats, telephones, typewriters, etc.
  • Teardrops, saliva, or sweat
  • Using facilities such as public swimming pools, restrooms, or gymnasiums
  • Being close to other people such as on a crowded bus, in a classroom, or restaurants
  In fact, I know of some families who, knowing the truth, have chosen to adopt some of THE most precious children I have ever seen, who also happen to carry the HIV virus passed to them by their mothers.

Check out their faces herehere and here


Want one of your own?  OK!!!!!

All to say, nowadays, it’s doable.  It’s liveable. With the new medication available, given daily starting at a young age, people with HIV and AIDs can live full and long lives.   Unfortunately, many people living at the Michaelle House weren’t necessarily so lucky with access to the right medication their whole lives and are very sickly, some are blind, and ALL are in need of some love and cheer.

So we divided up who would be bringing what and cooked together in their kitchen, while we played music from rdio.  It was supa fun.  Check it:

(Please don’t make me cut onions anymore…)
Preggy Palmers making apple crisp!
All the homies, minus me–taking the pic

Check me out, really interacting with the people in the house, haha!  ( I was calling the babysitter, don’t judge!)
(We can’t take pictures of the residents, because even though you, dear reader, are now super educated about HIV and AIDS, unfortunately, there is still quite the stigma, and we don’t want to ruin anyone’s day)

The Menu

Whole Wheat Vegetable Pasta
Mandrarin and almond spinach salad
Garlic Bread
Homemade Apple Crisp!

(I just love Allrecipes.com.  When I was making the menu, I can change the amount of people it’s serving, and it calculates how much of each ingredient I need.  Gracias!  SO GREAT when you need to be cooking for large crowds.)

Ok, to end this post, I have to tell you about a certain man named J who I just love, and when you talk to him, even though he is a grown man, you can see his sweetness and youthfulness.  It’s almost like you are talking to a sweet and nervous child, and then when you realize where he is–it just breaks your heart a little bit.

If you and your friends are bored one night, go visit, it’s super fun and you get to eat with some neat people.
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