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Cloth Diapering *Quick Tutorial with Photos*

How to Cloth Diaper
(Cloth Diapering for Anyone)
(Even of you don’t care about the environment, saving money, or having cute little colored diapers, you’ll see how awesome it is)

1. Time for a diaper change, so change your tiny’s diaper.  
2. Take out the insert, stack it on the diaper with any wipes you used and roll it up!

3.  Place in your diaper pail (Extra bonus is having a reusable bag so you don’t have to buy more of these either! I like this one.  I never even really wash it)
4. Once you see you only have a few diapers left, start the washing machine!  I do a small load on cold with one scoop of detergent.  Take your bag and dump out the diapers into the water!  (All your diapers, wipes, travel wetbags)  No need to touch them, soak or rinse them.  Breast fed and formula fed baby poop is water soluble.  BONUS!
5.  Go do something fun.

6.  When the washer is done, take everything out, put the inserts in the dryer, put cloth wipes back in warmer, and put the diapers on the a line.  You can string a line anywhere, indoor or outdoor.  Outdoor on a sunny day is best because the sun actually bleaches the stains out to a bright white.  Cool, huh?  Cloth diapers, natural bleach, you are oh so au natural right now!
7.  Go do something fun.

8.  When everything is dry, slip the inserts back into the covers and stick ’em back in the drawer–ready to go.  No trips to the store, no grand total.  If your baby is napping, just let them nap instead of waking them to go to the store.  You can do everything you need for clean diapers right at home.
Plus, they are so darn cute!  Here’s The Tiny rocking a t-shirt that matches his cute Bum Genius’.
Why I love Cloth Diapering The Tiny
1.  It’s flippin’ Easy:  When I told people I was thinking about cloth diapers, I got many eye rolls, and “No, you’d don’t want to do that, what a hassle,”s.  But, you will see in my tutorial that it is actually easier and saves time for us.  With the snaps, it’s just like putting on a disposable, and throwing them in the washer is easier than talking out the trash.  Hanging them to dry is easier than driving to the store.
2.  It saves major flow:  Andrew and I are sold out to the Dave Ramsey way of life.  (More on this in another post) We took ‘Financial Peace University,’ use cash only for our purchases, don’t buy anything extra and put every extra penny we can at the end of every month towards whichever ‘baby step‘ we are working on at the time.  Low and behold, by the time The Tiny came around, we had just graduated to baby step 5– College Funding.  So what totally boggles my mind is the fact that the money we save each month on diapers, actually gets put into his college fund.  Let me just say that one more time, because I can’t quite believe it myself…
The money we save each month on diapers, actually gets put into his college fund.
I’m going to have to remind him of this when he’s wearing his cap and gown.  😉  There is an initial investment upfront, but these diapers not only last under the tiny is using the potty, but I plan on using these same ones for all my kids.
3. It saves you time:  No last minute trips to Costco or Wal-Mart (which I think saves us money that we don’t end up going to those places and getting extra purchases) , no hefting out diaper genie bags to the dumpster.  You have everything you need right in your home.  We change his diaper, roll it up, put it in the diaper champ, just like with any disposable.  Putting the inserts into the covers takes the most time, but I think it’s still faster than taking diapers our of the plastic and putting them in the drawer.
Cloth Diapering Lingo:
Insert:  The soft white rectangle material that goes into the colorful cover and soaks up the pee pee.
Wet Bags:  Cute waterproof bags that you keep in your diaper bag for putting a soiled diaper into when you’re out and about.
Cover:  Colorful and water proof, comes with snaps or velcro and grows with your baby.

Now you know how to cloth diaper!  It’s fun, it’s easy and you save mula.
And now, all the info you need to use cloth wipes and make your own wipes solution.  You are such a frugal and natural mama right now!
Look for future posts about cloth wipes and homemade wipe solution, and how we deal with the diapers once we start solid foods!  Now send this link to your spouse or friend who you think should try cloth diapering.

If you have any questions, ask me, I’m happy to answer and cloth diaper question you may have!
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  • Amanda Nash January 9, 2013, 2:11 am

    hmmm, this makes me think i can actually do/attempt cloth diapering with my next one.
    but what do you do with the poop a)in general while on nursing, like you mean you keep it in the diaper and wash it??) and b)where does poop go when they are eating solids?
    hmmm…baby steps:) Also about a third of the way into Dave Ramsey book…i am excited about this but a little overwhelmed. I can see the future benefits, but its scary to confront and tackle…ya know!
    anyhow, I LOVE reading your blog! LOVE! Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring so many people! God is working through your amazing family to change the world!!
    God bless, Amanda