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Morning Family Ritual

About a year ago, I read a book called The Beauty Detox Solution.  I had followed the author for some time on social media, and she described a way of eat that was easy on the digestive system, so your body had extra energy–loads of it.  That’s truly what sold me on it, not the beauty aspect, but I wound’t be mad at it…  So, not just energy in the day to be a living, functioning person, but internal energy your body can also then use to improve skin, hair, etc because it’s not being over taxed digesting (Think about how you feel after a huge meal.)  She said that when you think about what takes the most energy in a day, you may think of a workout, BUT no!   (This part was news to me): Actually digestion takes 80% of our daily energy, and our body will cut off anything else because we need it to live, and on top of that, we eat in such abundant ways that our bodies aren’t designed for, with improper food pairing, which can leave us tired and fatigued most of the day.  


So, I finally went on Amazon and just bought it.  I had put it off forever, and it was only about $11, so I made the purchase.  If I try to overhaul everything and try to be perfect, I’ll not only give up, but go the opposite way, I like baby steps and they really work for me!   I am the kind of person who can be totally excited about very small steps of improvement.  


So, there is this smoothie, she talks about it always, and I wanted to start with just that.  She was trying to debunk the commonly believed thought that big breakfasts give us a lot of energy.  (WHAT!?)  She said that actually, it takes our energy because our digestive tract has to kick into overdrive to digest it, and any caloric energy we would derive from it won’t be available for hours later once it’s in the intestine.  That’s why this smoothie was supposed to be incredible; predigested, light, but packed in nutrients.  I told Andrew we’d try the smoothie FIRST, but then still eat our reg breakfast, and just see what we think.


Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 1.52.48 PM


The smoothie was totally awesome, sweet even with the green color.  After at least a week of this, we decided on a weekend to try JUSTTTT the smoothie without any extra breakfasty foods (We weren’t sure we trust her digestion idea yet 😉 and see how we felt.  


Spoiler alert, we felt great…. Not hungry, and then big time energized.  Energy was the main reason I even wanted the book, the smoothie, the ‘solution.’  As a mom of four, I wanted to feel empowered, and not bleary eyes on the couch.


Next phase we added hot lemon water for the very first thing, then a large glass of water with a probiotic, THEN the smoothie.  We were feeling all kinds of perky, hydrated, full, light, energized each morning.


We had and currently have our kids drink this smoothie first thing every day.  We rotate the greens, bring in stuff from the garden if we have it, we’ll swap our fruit if we feel like it or if we have something on hand, but mostly stick straight to the original recipe.  “How do you get your kids to drink it?”


I know everyone is different, but we do put a high value in our family on health and gratitude.  It’s something we train them in, just as you’d train them to brush their teeth or learn math problems, or have manners.  The older three kids liked it from the first moment (It’s actually really good), Poppy had to get used to it, but taste buds change over time.  They adapt.  I’ve heard people say things like, “Oh I’d never force my kid to eat something they didn’t like!”  Oh really?  What about bed times, what about going to school?  Wearing clothes?  Walking with you in parking lots?  At times we all ask our kids to do things they aren’t going to cry happy tears about, until it becomes routine.  And their health is something I’m willing to put the effort into at the front end of.  My kids ask for it now, they help me make it, they are sad if we’re somewhere and can’t have it in the morning (Seriously, although we do make it while on vacations when possible, which is most of the time)


Every family is different, and this is what works for us.  I feel at peace giving it to them, knowing that at the start of the day, they’ve had their greens and veggies, their bodies are at an alkaline state meaning inflammation and disease will have a hard time sticking around.  Once the smoothie is gone, they can then have whatever they like; cereal, oatmeal, etc etc.  Andrew and I just have the smoothie.


When people start the smoothie, it does some heavy duty ‘cleaning’ of the intestine of old built up junk.  So as you go on, and drink them more and more, your body is able to absorb more of the nutrients with more access to intestinal lining.  I have noticed a difference in my skin and nails as well, which is secondary to how great I feel, and how empowered I feel to do whatever I want in the day without needing to lay down dead.


I have given it to homeless mothers and children.  We used to have a homeless boy stay with us one night a week.  The first morning when I kindly told him he’d be having the smoothie, he balked.  I paid him a dollar to have a large spoonful, that was it.  The next week I asked him to drink half a glass for the dollar, then the whole thing, then no more money, but we asked him to drink it before other breakfast.  We started noticing the dark circles under his eyes going away, his skin tone more even.  He said he was more alert in glass.  I’d give it to his mother each time she was over, knowing too that it built up a taste tolerance and even desire for vegetables in other meals.  She laughed after the first time, “That thing cleaned me out!”  I laughed and told her it was temporary, and that there may be some junk to clear out, she nodded and said, “Oh yeah!”


So, here we are!  All winter when some of our dear friends battled sickness and flus, we thankfully did not.  Which is why I’m writing this!  I don’t think my 4 biologically unrelated children have super genes, but they are prepared each day with a delicious smoothie that you don’t have to sign up for some MLM, costly powder ‘nutrition system.’  Every single item can be bought at the grocery store, or grown for free in your yard.  The exact recipe in this photo serves all six of us each morning.  We drink them with glass straws we got off Amazon, and love it.  Even if you were to try it one time, you’d be doing your body a huge favor!  Even if your kids want to fist fight you, but you are able to make it a priority and they have a tiny scoopful one day, that is a huge success!  HUGE!  Kids need to try things 10 times before they like them, and it’s true, you’d be one time down.  Imagine them soon liking slurping down greens and fruit.  The smoothie is a hard working smoothie and you could geek out and look up the multitude of good things it’s doing inside of you for hours.

IMG_1369IMG_3066 IMG_3769 IMG_8718


Oh, and by the by, Kimberly Snyder is not a name dropper, but she works with lot of celebrities.  Like Owen Wilson, who drinks this smoothie, and brings it on set and gets everyone into them.  Reece Witherspoon, Fergie, Drew Barrymore, they ALL drink it.  They got that glow.  So what I am TRYING to say is that I basically have celebrity skin…so, wear shades around me next time, k?  

I’ll talk about the rest of the story and the food transformation we’ve been through and how it’s affected how we feel and what we can now do that we weren’t able to before, but I’ll save it for another post.  Nothing, nothing beats how we feel.


So, if you try this smoothie, please let me know!  I’d love to hear what you think, especially if you have one for some days in a row and how it makes you look and feel on the inside and outside, so keep in touch!  I also love Kimberly’s Podcast, Beauty InsideOut.


GGS when it’s trying to be Extra





Elijah is 6

Elijah recently turned 6 years old.  I made this little video to document the part of his life we have been able to be a part of, and gosh–even though I’ve been there through it myself, it was still so overwhelming to see him so small and sad at the start of it all.  It’s absolutely no joke that children are suffering in this world.



*pssst hey!*

Hi!  I am thinking about writing again.  We have been through a good season of changes in our lives, all positive, healing and growth, and it was a time I wanted to rest from writing anything.  I liked the break.  Part of me misses the old style of writing on a blog–when I had blogger instead, lol, perhaps I can intentionally go that way.  There are things that can sway me against it.  But here’s where I rest:

  1.  I like writing
  2. I like connecting with people
  3. I think there are some great things in this world to share about

And if that’s my whole list, well that’s wonderful!  We are in a new stage of parenting, cute and growing kids, and it’s been wonderful in so many ways.  Andrew and I have been focused on healthy this past year–healthy eating, healthy emotional relationships and learning what creates them all.  How can we lead our children down a path of healing and healthy-motivated relationships if we don’t know the path?  (Especially crucial for those parenting teens!!  But little ones love learning it all as well)  It’s so interesting learning the secret dances people do behind what’s actually being said and done.


But…I feel like I’m already ahead of myself…

I have an idea, and I hope that you’d play along.  I would love to ease back into writing by answering some specific questions–more fun, interactive.  I think it would be fun, and a great we to get back connected to those of you wonderful people who read here.  So fun questions, silly questions, catch up questions, anything, I would love to hear them.

In the meantime, I hope you have all been well




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