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Favorite Posts

The Day we Broke our Kids out of the Orphanage: http://tinygreenelephants.com/2012/11/gotcha-freedom-day.html

The Day the Judge said, “Da!”: http://tinygreenelephants.com/2012/10/10-11-12.html

When we first got home

One of my biggest life lessons: http://tinygreenelephants.com/2012/10/freedom-and-good.html

How Adoption Effects Biological Children (And why breaking birth order can be AMAZING!) http://tinygreenelephants.com/2013/07/how-adoption-effects-bio-children.html

Maria’s first ever birthday party: http://tinygreenelephants.com/2013/04/marias-first-birthday-party.html

And why I want to be like her when I grow up: Maria’s Heart

Current Events: The Grim behind the Gold; Sochi Olympics.

First time at Disneyland