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Good News, too

I want to share something with you, that there are really very good things happening in the world, also, things that you almost wouldn’t believe, that good. While many hearts are breaking and people hurting, there are also hearts being fixed up. It’s a slower process, and they don’t make headlines, but I want you to know it’s happening. Right now, this very moment, as you are working or relaxing, lives here and far are being changed forever. There is good news too. And what is comforting is that it is being done by regular people who in the past would have thought they were inadequate to make a change. Do you ever feel that way?

The news can be heavy, to the point where we become burdened and angry, but also feel hopeless or worse, useless. And we sit and worry, allow anger to take form instead of something else–but don’t.

Your one life matters. And you have more potential brimming in your hearts and your hands than you may know or see today. Let that ability, waiting like a seed dormant, in your own two hands branch out before you. Most people who change the world are scared to do so, but the trick is, the part that changes everything is the saying yes part. The very first step part. It could take root as a prayer, a phone call, talking to a spouse, asking for wisdom from that good kind of friend.

We can fill our lives up with all the busyness stuff, the cleaning and the schedules, pack it full until our time is gone. But what if, in small segments of time along the way, we welcomed someone, said a yes, reached our busy hand out, freed it from the mess–to someone. The break from the rushing force forward of life that almost feels inescapable, to pause and take a step towards someone. Don’t worry, you can jump back in the rush of life– still.

Saying yes to a small person, who actually really needs YOU. I mean really, needs you. These aren’t just ‘good ideas,’ or ‘nice ideas,’ but real kids, real people. And you have the ability, allow it to grow, to become real, undormant. To be good news.

So know this, there are also tears of joys right now, of people and kids knowing, for the first time that they are important, or cared about. There is good news, too.

When you look at their faces, they are more than a picture. When you look at your hands, know there is more than sadness, but untapped potential, good news at your fingertips, on the other side of that very first step.

Lives matter, and you are stronger than you may have ever known, with the power to rewrite headlines, in the lives of people.


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  • Crystal August 13, 2014, 6:40 am

    Someday, when we move back to the States, I’d like to do this.

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