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Summer Time

We moved a bit away from the coast, and we love it because the sun is always shining here.  And when the sun is shining, it means we need to flip the lid of our sand box over and make it into our own pool.

One of Finley’s best friends is Hawea.  After they have a play date, Finley will be talking about Hawea for at least a day.  “Bey-ya!  Bey-ya!” he always wants to tell me after she goes home.

Odds and ends:
  • We recieved our finger print appointment for June, we will try to go in this week though for a walk in.
  • Finley’s starbaby billboard is going up soon (Weird!)
  • We go visit our family over the weekend by plane!
  • I am done with school, gave my final and I seriously couldn’t be happier!  79 average on the final is pretty good!
  • I got the BEST deals of my life at the SEH garage sale over the weekend.  It was insane.  Even a pair of shorts for Andrew for $1, he’s been wearing them everyday.  Plus, a set of nice Melissa and Doug wooden puzzles for Finley for $2.  He’s in LOVE with them.
  • Beach camping was SO fun!

Ta ta for now!

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