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The other day we got a huge bunch of beets in our CSA, so I decided to try my hand at making borscht, which is a Russian soup, so that Maya will have some familiar foods when she gets home.

I of course used the Slow Cooker, since it’s so much easier and you don’t have to stand over a hot pot of a specified amount of time.  I used this recipe, well mostly.  I never truly follow a recipe perfectly.  Ever.  Too stressful.

And guess what!?  It was SO good.  And healthy.  We ate it for a couple days, and Finley loved it too!

Hip hip hooray!  They say that with so many new adjustments in the life of an adopted child, it can be really hard!  So, my plan is to ease her in.  I’m thinking the first week we’ll have plenty of Borscht, then after, we’ll all go get some dipped cones to mesh our two cultures together 🙂

Ta-Ta for now!  Try this beet soup, sounds bad, tastes AMAZING!

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