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To be a fly

“Dear Amy and Andrew,

How are you doing in your process. Maya’s social worker was asking to know if she should tell her that a family is coming for her and to prepare her for adoption.”

We emailed back right away saying that each last piece of our homestudy paper work has been mailed, and that all our classes are finished, meaning…

Soon she will know! She’s old enough that she will hear the good news and know what it means for her.

If only I could be a fly on the wall that day.

Paperwork.  Before we began the process, Andrew and I specifically prayed for our paperwork and how we completed them as a team.  We knew that it could be stressful, so we prayed that we would take those moments, and instead of being stressed, use it as a time to build each other up, or recognize each other’s differences and our unique ways of getting things done.  (Andrew is careful and thorough, I am quick and quick…)  We weren’t always perfect (Sometimes thorough can be seen as slow by a critical eye, and quick as sloppy by a critical eye) but I am so thankful we were for the most part watchful and careful of these things before we started.

So tip to new adopters, PRAY!  Before you sign one paper, pray for each other as a married couple.  God gave each of you special gifts, and my guess is they are different from each other’s and my guess is it is on purpose.

And honestly, today, we both said how much we’ve liked compiling the homestudy papers together.  (WHAAAA!?!?)  Serious.  We had always head about the ‘mountain’ of paperwork and I thought it would be such a draining chore, but we thought it was kind of fun.  Like a purposeful challenge we are completing together.

In other news, I am posting this picture for my friend Lou who just recently donated to our Maya!


Papa and baby playing at the park.  Check out that one dimple, oh my.  Too cute!

In other parts of our weekend:

Our boy loves two things most: 1. cuddling  2. giggling

Such a fun age, this 15 months.

Finley shocked the world by sharing some food!  Who would have thought it was possible!?  Oh wait, is that Hawea?  Oh now I see…

Speaking of cuddling, our boy has somehow wormed his way into the hearts of our cats. I didn’t ever think I’d see the day when the cats wouldn’t scamper away at the sight of him.

And my final picture is a quick moment of why Andrew is the world’s best husband.  This is Saturday night, after Andrew played drums at church all night, he deep cleaned my car.  And remember he’s thorough!  I love you babe!

Goodnight for now!


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  • Kym March 5, 2012, 9:07 pm

    How EXCITING!!!! So many blessings. I haven’t had internet for a while, so I was pretty behind on your blog, had to back track a bit. I am so happy for you guys that you are adopting! Can’t even imagine the rush of emotions you must be feeling right now. I also wanted to tell you how refreshing and sweet it is to read about your patience and faith. I will be keeping you in my prayers as you welcome Maya into your family 🙂

  • annie March 6, 2012, 3:24 pm

    Hi, you don’t know me, but I found your blog at RR and wanted to stop by to say Congratulations(!) and thank you for being the hands and feet of God. Maya is beautiful; I cannot wait to read your journey through. Donated $20, but wish it could be more. God bless.

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