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Fires and Baths

It has been slowly warming up here where we live.  We have been venturing out into the sunshine more and more.  We’ve even done a few beach walks, but wouldn’t step toe in the water (unless you were my family visiting from Minnesota a few weeks ago–they dove in that water like it was a wading pool.  Much to our jacketed shock.  “Do you know those people?”  “Oh no, what people?  Crazy tourists, most likely…”)

I have been refalling in love with our Moby Wrap .
I loved it when The Tiny was fresh and I could just tuck him away and he felt like he was back in the womb.  Now, I have  a couple different carriers, but we keep going back to the Moby.  I love how he can face out, if he’s feelin’ giggly and social, or face in if he’s ready for sleeping.
The other night we had a beach BBQ/Bon Fire with our small group (of friends) and The Tiny loved snoozing soundly while the rest of us roasted marshmallows and ate kabobs.

Look how long he is.

“Whoa, you got a kindergardener in there.”

“Yeah, I’m enrolling him in the fall.”

“I dare you to.”

“Dare not needed, his name’s on the list.”

We came home that night with campfire smells in our hair, and on sleeping pajama boy, happy and cozy.

Maybe some of you parents out there know what it’s like when your baby started needing more baths, like our Tiny does.  We used to bath him once or twice a week, but now The Tiny hides lint in his neck rolls, and dirt under his fingernails (What were you doing baby? Planting a garden?)

Did you start bathing your baby more often once they started to have a few more rolls with critters living in between?

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  • Kara Soo April 22, 2011, 7:46 pm

    We have started bathing our baby more often… we try to give her one every other day! She has eczema on her belly, and we’ve found it helps a bit, plus it helps us get all that stuff in her double chin rolls, like you were saying haha. Otherwise just use a wet washcloth!

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