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Sumfing Rude

We were looking at baby pictures, and Elijah’s looked so sad, so we explained to him how he lived in Russia and there were no mommies in his room and lots of babies, and he hung his mouth open, 
“I know, so I said, ‘NO! I will go get him, so you could be here.’”
And he smiled, and said, “I will say sumfing rude to dem”
“You will? What?”
*shrugs his shoulders*
“Maybe I will poke der eye, for no letting me out of da bed.”
“Oh honey, we need to love and forgive them.”
“No, I’ll poke their eye, I love to.”
*all of us laughing while he jumps in the pool at our friend’s house*





Gophers and Planes

Our cat has caught 6 gophers in the past week.  I can barely deal–dead rodents are my nemesis.  He consumes most of them, his eyes closed, and leaves the rest for me to freak out about.

Andrew is over the moon about it.

While eating lunch the other day, Elijah saw a head of lettuce wiggling.  He ran and single handedly grabbed it, just as it was being pulled down.  He pulled and pulled and saved it.  Леша found that gopher that evening.


Marley is one of Finley’s best friends, she is so joyful and happy.  The other day we told her that a boy at Finley’s school was rude to him.  She closed her mouth, raised her eye brows and said slowly, “What’s his name….”


Finley wanted to make ‘a garage’ the other day, so we found just the right box.  “It needs to be a rainbow garage,” and he painted each side a different color, we cut off an edge and let it dry in the sun.  That evening we were sitting on the drive way and I was watching Elijah climb a tree chasing after Леша, “Wow!  Good job buddy, get him!  You’re doing great!”

“Mama,” Finley said, nonchalantly, but with a grin and confident look in his eye sitting next to me, “You wanna see something really cool?” nodding at the thought of how impressed I’d be.

“Yeah, bud.”

Eyes with mine, smug grin, he slowly lowered the cardboard flap allowing his car to roll out, eyebrows like, ‘I know, right?’

“Wow….Finley, just, yep…”


The boys were playing baby the other day.  Elijah rocked him, while Finley whined for various things.  Elijah is going to be a great dad one day.

IMG_2946 IMG_2957 IMG_2963

Finley’s writing is coming along, since when can tiny babies write?  Right?

IMG_2981 IMG_3466 IMG_4141

Oh, and in case you are keeping track, Maria in on her third trip of the year.  The first one being winter camp in January, that we had forgotten the date of and got a call, “Um…the bus is here, where is Maria??”

Me: “Um…so, camp today–yep, ok, well,” surveying the need, “We’ll be there in–20…ish”

I hung up and flew into Maria’s room, “Winter Camp, now, clothes, bag.  Toothbrush,” because obviously robot voice is what will get her there.  She slowly starts to fold a shirt all discombobulated, “NO FOLDING, THROW IT IN THERE!” I remark in the kind sort of what to prepare your child for their distance from you for the weekend.  Well, we packed in 4 minutes and flew out the door, Daddy driving 5 minutes behind with the pillow and sleeping bag we forgot.  Stick around for more great time management and scheduling tips from me! 

She went to Catalina Island with school in Feb where she snorkeled and dissected a shark,

And this month, for spring break, she flew solo to Arizona to spend the weekend with grandparents, aunts and cousins.  Movies, dinners, ice cream, pool time.

I was like, “Have fun girl!  I’ll just be here, waiting for the boys to wake up, or go to bed, or you know, generally cleaning up,” and she laughed as she wheeled her suitcase out the door with dad to the airport.

Oh to be 12.



That’s one happy and loved girl!  We miss her but are happy she’s having the time of her life!


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DIY Sushi Night


A couple years ago, when Finley was newly born, and small enough that we was mostly a sleeping accessory to our life, our small group had a sushi night where we brought all the supplies and together made sushi.  I think there were only two kids in our group back them, Audra and baby Finley.











Things have changed since then, everyone has babies, some of us up to three kids each.  Life is different these days, we can’t always finish our conversations, but it’s fun and full.

And tonight, we made a lot more sushi than the first time.







Finley told me before they arrived that Aaron is his best friend, but he doesn’t know his name, he just says, “You know, Audra’s brother?” They have played many times together.   And Elijah nods along, agreeing with the BFF status.  I guess boys can just focus on the important stuff, like Trucks.  And Trains.




I am not an organized type of person, I am more like, “Just come over and we’ll hang,” but we have some organizational pros in the group, like legit wedding planners with spread sheets type of thing, who divvied up what we each need to bring.  I claimed something that was already claimed–you know, since I didn’t read the email carefully, and my legit wedding planner friend said, “Do you mean ‘Sushi Rice?” and I was like, “Oh, yes.”

Since it was for a group, I actually followed the directions on the package, “Rinse rice until clear” usually means to me, “Don’t waste time, just cook it,” and I usually would never have time for “soaking the rice for 30 minutes” BUT I did it!  It was yum.  Sushi rice, it’s a real treat.

So are these boys.

IMG_3003 IMG_2991

Notice the cat not running away from all the kids, the whole day.  He can’t get enough love.

IMG_3061 IMG_3059

Elijah is the resident care taker these days.  When Emery fell off her bench, while everyone was looking at her, he ran fast as lighting to the freezer, grabbed a cold pack, ran back and put it in her mama’s hand, then went about his play time with friends.  I didn’t even know he’d done it until she told me later.  Second nature to him.  His favorite game is ‘babies,’ tucking them in, and sushing all of us. He speaks to them softly while leveling his face with their button eyes, storking their paws gently, understanding them and comforting them.  “It’s ok, you can have a family.”

EliIMG_3058 IMG_3056

Maria loves parties.  She loves little kids, she LOVES sushi.  She was in heaven.

IMG_3054 IMG_3039 IMG_3031 IMG_3029 IMG_3026 IMG_3019 IMG_3018 IMG_3015


IMG_3107 IMG_3101 IMG_3096 IMG_3074 IMG_3064



IMG_3228 IMG_3224

Group shot.  We have a total of 12 kids now, plus 2 on the way.  We are no longer in the same small group together, but I love how no matter the time apart, we can all pick up where we left off.  And it’s awesome to think about the future, knowing what kick-ass parents they are and what awesome kids there will be in the world.

IMG_3205 IMG_3176 IMG_3163 IMG_3159 IMG_3153

Rice thumbs up for a fun night!