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DIY Sushi Night


A couple years ago, when Finley was newly born, and small enough that we was mostly a sleeping accessory to our life, our small group had a sushi night where we brought all the supplies and together made sushi.  I think there were only two kids in our group back them, Audra and baby Finley.











Things have changed since then, everyone has babies, some of us up to three kids each.  Life is different these days, we can’t always finish our conversations, but it’s fun and full.

And tonight, we made a lot more sushi than the first time.







Finley told me before they arrived that Aaron is his best friend, but he doesn’t know his name, he just says, “You know, Audra’s brother?” They have played many times together.   And Elijah nods along, agreeing with the BFF status.  I guess boys can just focus on the important stuff, like Trucks.  And Trains.




I am not an organized type of person, I am more like, “Just come over and we’ll hang,” but we have some organizational pros in the group, like legit wedding planners with spread sheets type of thing, who divvied up what we each need to bring.  I claimed something that was already claimed–you know, since I didn’t read the email carefully, and my legit wedding planner friend said, “Do you mean ‘Sushi Rice?” and I was like, “Oh, yes.”

Since it was for a group, I actually followed the directions on the package, “Rinse rice until clear” usually means to me, “Don’t waste time, just cook it,” and I usually would never have time for “soaking the rice for 30 minutes” BUT I did it!  It was yum.  Sushi rice, it’s a real treat.

So are these boys.

IMG_3003 IMG_2991

Notice the cat not running away from all the kids, the whole day.  He can’t get enough love.

IMG_3061 IMG_3059

Elijah is the resident care taker these days.  When Emery fell off her bench, while everyone was looking at her, he ran fast as lighting to the freezer, grabbed a cold pack, ran back and put it in her mama’s hand, then went about his play time with friends.  I didn’t even know he’d done it until she told me later.  Second nature to him.  His favorite game is ‘babies,’ tucking them in, and sushing all of us. He speaks to them softly while leveling his face with their button eyes, storking their paws gently, understanding them and comforting them.  “It’s ok, you can have a family.”

EliIMG_3058 IMG_3056

Maria loves parties.  She loves little kids, she LOVES sushi.  She was in heaven.

IMG_3054 IMG_3039 IMG_3031 IMG_3029 IMG_3026 IMG_3019 IMG_3018 IMG_3015


IMG_3107 IMG_3101 IMG_3096 IMG_3074 IMG_3064



IMG_3228 IMG_3224

Group shot.  We have a total of 12 kids now, plus 2 on the way.  We are no longer in the same small group together, but I love how no matter the time apart, we can all pick up where we left off.  And it’s awesome to think about the future, knowing what kick-ass parents they are and what awesome kids there will be in the world.

IMG_3205 IMG_3176 IMG_3163 IMG_3159 IMG_3153

Rice thumbs up for a fun night!





Would it be weird to ask you guys to pray? If you are open to it, we want to humbly ask for your prayers that our daughter’s paperwork would be processed–that we could quickly bring her out of the orphanage and into our family. We are waiting. And we have been for longer than we thought–which I know is normal, but it’s still hard. We get pictures, which is bitter sweet, but mostly sweet because she is in them. So, I don’t want to inconvenience you, but we believe that prayer changes things, which is what we want! We want change in her life. From lonely, to loved. Thanks!


What would you do?

It was just after BSF last Wednesday, we stopped by the park where everyone was going with their lunches to play, then we were going to meet daddy at Costco for a quick lunch of our own and get some necessities: all our food.  Maria was in school, and we just had the boys.  Their nap time is around 12:30 which we are usually home prior to, with a small window of a few minutes before and after that time, otherwise it is quick destruction.

Andrew was going to be late, so we got gas, the minutes ticking away, it was noon.  We were pushing it, but it was too late now to do anything differently.  We went in, washed hands, ordered cheap food, and started shopping.  All of a sudden the boys were whining, they wanted down, they wanted everything and nothing at the same time, their hands started having magnets to each other in a harming kind of way.  We were pushing a heavy cart to the sound track of whining which in many ways was our own fault.  Andrew unbuckled them and let them get down, because he forgot they were crazy.

It was 1pm.

I panicked, we had to gooooooooo.

There are no words to describe the pure necessity, the critical, pivotal meaning of naps.  My heart started pounding, 1pm?  It was go time, I looked at our full cart to my right, and the two boys who had hidden inside of some sort of wicker pool storage for sale to my left.  Being a kind, supportive type of wife, I pointed my finger towards the front of the store, “Go, line, pay,” and turned my eyes towards the boys.

“Go!  Go guys, go find daddy, who can find him first, run, go, run, let’s go, time to run, get going.”  I figure the longer I am talking about the one thing I need them to do, the less likely they will talk about reasons why not and follow my waving hands towards the cart rolling towards the front, past all the people congregating at the sample tables elbowing each other.

Finley starts climbing out of the pool storage.

Elijah bends his knees… “I hav’ta go potty!” which is Elijah speak for we have about 3o seconds to get him to a bathroom.

“Let’s go,” and I start walking down the aisle towards the big, high traffic aisle, Andrew hopefully in a line by not, Finley running towards him just in front of me.  We had to run or all hope would be lost, and the boys would be a flailing mess, we had only seen the prelude.

I look over my shoulder, Elijah had a smile–and wet pants.

He climbed out of the fun new pool storage.  He’s not a big pee-er, it’s probably just on his pants, I kept walking, about to turn onto the main aisle.  I see Finley up ahead, my walking is making Elijah run to catch up to me from behind.  I look back at Elijah just before I turn the corner towards the front of the store, which is when I see something.

Roll out of the bottom of Elijah’s pant leg.

It’s small.

It’s round.

It’s poop.

He is about 25 feet behind me.

He doesn’t stop running, it’s about 10 feet behind him now.

I hear Finley crying for me just ahead of me, because now it’s 1:10 and they are loosing it.

Elijah catches up to me, smile on his face, ready to go.  Andrew is way up ahead in line, trying to check out…

I hadn’t stopped walking, I had turned the corner while I was slowly realizing what I had seen.  We are surrounded by carts and people, now blocking the pool fun aisle.  Elijah runs ahead to catch up to Finley and Andrew.  My purse is far ahead, in the cart that is mostly unloaded….

I see the boys running ahead of me to catch up to Andrew, the aisle now 10 feet behind me.

I pause…

What would you do?