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He gathers small acorns

with both hands

he presents them to me as I lay

and I gaze at him, the sky blue around his head

dotted with white clouds

as he marvels at the tiny hole

in each of the acorns

and I capture with my lashes the things that bring him true joy

before the world tells him they shouldn’t

The rims of his eyes, curving like the line of the moon

“An insect,”

he decides

and I wonder what it would be like

if my excitement matched his for a joy so small

so I try, my smile stretching wide as I wonder, too

His eyes alive, vast as the sky behind him

A laugh on his teeth, white

and we wonder,

before the world tells us we shouldn’t assume that such small things

deserve so much admiration





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Both Hands Project

I am checking in to share something important to us.  We would be so honored if you would be willing to help us with them.  So, so honored and thankful.

-We have a big fundraiser coming up this week.  We have poured a lot of energy into it, it hasn’t been easy, but we are excited about it.

Andrew and I with some friends this Saturday the 22nd, are going to the home of a widow to work on it as a group, there is a lot to do!   Her name is Annie and she is a teacher.  She and her husband adopted Julian who is now in the second grade at the same school where Annie teaches Special Ed.  Her husband Sam was an amazing father who raised two girls, and loved his wife and son Julian so well, and he passed too soon.

photo (3)

Together with our friends we have cleared out this weekend day to devote our time, and energy to do hard labor, our hope is to lift her spirits and tangibly support her and her son in way that couldn’t otherwise be done.
This service project is special because it will help both a widow and an orphan together, hand in hand.  It is similar to raising money for a 5K and getting sponsors for running.  Instead of running, we will be working as a team to fix up Annie and Julian’s home, and we will be asking for sponsorship to do this job and for our time given, and the funds will go to the international adoption costs of our little girl from Ethiopia.
We would love and appreciate any donation towards our project and the many lives it will touch.  It is about 100% humbling to fundraise for an adoption, the least best part, but this is a project we believe in and we are eager to do the work!
Your donations will be doubly powerful because we have been offered a $1,500 matching grant from LifeSong for Orphans for doing this project!  
Your donation would be doing something great in the lives of an orphan, a widow, and all of us working on this project, then it will be DOUBLED!  Please help us reach our goal!
ALL donations are tax deductible.  100% of your donation will go straight towards the adoption, no percentage is taken out.  You can donate to this project here:  http://www.bothhands.org/andrew-and-amy-brockhaus
Here’s a little video of what the project will look like and why we are so excited to do it!  We can’t wait for Saturday!


My Frankincense Hero

Hi!  Here is my PSA for the day; some people may not have this but for a year I have had really dry eyes. Three doctors with no answers.

“Are you allergic to something?”


“Well then…”  A waste of needing childcare.

Last week I put Frankincense oil on my eye lids, and they are healing. Like, relief from pain, so clear, redness….gone.

I am in shock! My mom has the same exact thing, she was just over and I put the oil on her lids, and in an hour, her eyes were clear, white and shinning. She kept looking in the mirror, it’s unbelievable. We were researching and Frankincense oil has been found to also selectively cure cancer, boost immunity, relieve anxiety and enhance moods, relieves stretch marks.  It removes tag moles when you put it on the mole, which is just crazy to me, it removes pre-cancer spots on skin and help cuts….so I had to share.

This is so big to me right now, and I always want to share with people who may be looking, or who have doctors that couldn’t help. Feel free to message me anytime about oils, so so happy to share and help you as I keep learning myself. Meanwhile, we are happy over here! Still can’t ‘believe our eyes’ 

(Plus, obviously all natural, plant based, true healing of the problem, not masking symptoms.)

This is an amazing oil.  I really started thinking there would be nothing that could help me, no drop, no doctor.  The relief from pain is huge, but actually secondary to me, I was feeling self conscious about them…but, I’m cured!  Didn’t think it would happen.  So thankful.




If you have a need for Frankincense to fill, please order it from here: http://www.mydoterra.com/tinygreenelephants/  It will help you in so many ways, and with all things oils, you may be treating one thing, but there are added benefits layered in each application associated with moods and immunity.  Each bottle lasts such a long time because you are only using a drop at a time.  That’s how powerful they are.

Oils are great gifts, and they are good because they are used by the entire family.


Tell your eyes, or stretch marks, or lack of sick days you’re welcome!