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Elijah is 6

Elijah recently turned 6 years old.  I made this little video to document the part of his life we have been able to be a part of, and gosh–even though I’ve been there through it myself, it was still so overwhelming to see him so small and sad at the start of it all.  It’s absolutely no joke that children are suffering in this world.



*pssst hey!*

Hi!  I am thinking about writing again.  We have been through a good season of changes in our lives, all positive, healing and growth, and it was a time I wanted to rest from writing anything.  I liked the break.  Part of me misses the old style of writing on a blog–when I had blogger instead, lol, perhaps I can intentionally go that way.  There are things that can sway me against it.  But here’s where I rest:

  1.  I like writing
  2. I like connecting with people
  3. I think there are some great things in this world to share about

And if that’s my whole list, well that’s wonderful!  We are in a new stage of parenting, cute and growing kids, and it’s been wonderful in so many ways.  Andrew and I have been focused on healthy this past year–healthy eating, healthy emotional relationships and learning what creates them all.  How can we lead our children down a path of healing and healthy-motivated relationships if we don’t know the path?  (Especially crucial for those parenting teens!!  But little ones love learning it all as well)  It’s so interesting learning the secret dances people do behind what’s actually being said and done.


But…I feel like I’m already ahead of myself…

I have an idea, and I hope that you’d play along.  I would love to ease back into writing by answering some specific questions–more fun, interactive.  I think it would be fun, and a great we to get back connected to those of you wonderful people who read here.  So fun questions, silly questions, catch up questions, anything, I would love to hear them.

In the meantime, I hope you have all been well





Mother’s Day Remembrance

Mothers day.

I love being a mom, what an absolute gift–it has been my favorite season of life.  In the week leading up to mother’s day this year, I was thinking about the birth mothers of three of my children.  One of the reasons I love being a mom so much is because of the circumstances I am surrounded with.  The extra time I get with them, the days I get to drink in their goodness, unhurried, with peace in the life that I have.  The ways I get to bless them, and see the light in their eyes, teach them.

That moment I had Finley, 6 years ago, was surreal.  Handing me that perfect boy was one of the best moments of my life.  But what about those three women who couldn’t?


I don’t know these women but I have reason to believe they are/were beautiful souls with difficult lives.  Lives where they were in danger and hurting, things most of us could never imagine for ourselves.   I know that poverty can happen to anyone, even those most hard-working, and I absolutely know that addiction isn’t a cause of someone who’s ‘bad’ ‘sinful’ ‘naughty’ but oftentimes sensitive souls with deep shame they are trying to burry and numb.  Compulsion born from a learned sense of shame and being unlovable.  A lie I wish no one was forced to believe, but it’s more common than many realize.

Knowing that, I hold them in my heart, and wish that the love, patience and gentleness extended to the child who was once in their womb could have touched them when they were young.   That they could have felt good and loved completely.  That their parents could have loved and provided for them, as we now have the honor to care for the little ones that they couldn’t.  If I could ever not care for Finley when he was born, the only dying wish I would have is that someone would see his soul and love him for it.  And that is the legacy I promise to these three women who have touched our lives.  We will hold your weary bodies, broken souls, tearful eyes, and do the work I know would have been your joy.

We honor these mothers.  Your legacy will live on in ways I wish you each could have experienced, but rest knowing the little one who grew in your womb is loved and free.  Seriously, so very loved by many.  They know their gifts as humans, they are kind, they love God and know they are loved by him.


We let them each choose a flower in remembrance.

IMG_8736 IMG_8740 IMG_8745 IMG_8751 IMG_8762

Daddy helped plant them, and once they were firmly planted, I asked them to take a moment, smell their flower and say a special thank you to their birth mother for giving them life.


Thoughts and feelings about birth families are important to adopted children.  It’s something we want to weave into their lives, and create an open place for them to come and talk to us about it anytime.  We never want to be those insecure parents who are like, focused only on ourselves, thinking it rude to ever wonder, ever question the origin of it all, no way jose!


Our garden looks BEAUTIFUL with the new additions.


We ended the night with a homemade veggie lasagna, it was so good!  I wish I wrote down the recipe.

IMG_8862 IMG_8863 IMG_8884 IMG_8886

And Andrew surprised me with a dairy free, maca chocolate cheese cake, I about died of deliciousness.


(For the lasagna, I used my mandolin on zucchinis, and made the cheese out of soaked cashews)

IMG_8907 IMG_8915


Happy mothers day to all the mothers, soon to be mothers, birth mothers, and everyone on this day.  You are loved more than you ever know.  If you are someone struggling from addiction or in any way, please know there is help for you, and your life is worth getting that help.  You were created to be loved, there is no part of you that is yucky and you are worthy to be loved at all times.

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